Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

Everything you need to know to download the party video game for free on PC, iOS and Android; also available on Nintendo Switch

Let's see how to download Among Us for free on PC and iOS and Android phones. Below we are going to explain everything you need to know about Among Us, a online multiplayer game type party that has become a whole phenomenon between players from all over the world, youtubers and influencers, becoming one of the fashionable games of the moment. Therefore, below we are going to explain to you how to play and how you can download it on the different platforms on which it is available, such as PC (Steam and official game page) and iOS and Android mobiles, so free or paying, in the latter case, also in nintendo switch, through the eShop. Don't miss everything about Among Us through our definitive guide.

How to download Among Us on PC, mobile phones and Switch

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What is Among Us and how to play

Among Us It is an online multiplayer game in which you can play between 4 and 10 people, of which one or more may be impostors whose objective is to kill the rest of the players. The funny thing is that the rest do not know who it is while they try to repair the ship in which everyone is, in addition to discovering who or who are the murderers.

It is a game similar to the classic “The Killer” in which the rest of the players must guess who is trying to kill them. In the case of Among Us, we travel in a ship through space along with other crew members, up to a maximum of 10, two of which are actually the impostors who have to kill the rest before the others discover them.

Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

All this through real-time online multiplayer games that can be played by 4 to 10 people, both from a PC as from a iOS and Android mobile or tablet thanks to crossplay either crossplay between these platforms. Thus, when players connect to a game, the system assigns two of them the role of assassins without the rest of the players knowing.

Already in the game, the impostors will have the sole objective of murdering the rest of the players through chaos, confusion and confusion. ship sabotage, with traps of all kinds. Meanwhile, the rest of the users have to try to win by completing the assigned missions, discovering the impostors and ejecting them into space outside before they finish them off.

How to download Among Us on PC

If you want to play Among Us in PC you have two options: through the official website of its creators paying what you consider each user or through Steam, in this case, for 3.99 euros. In both cases you just have to click on the download icon and wait for it to install; As we say, on the official page of the game each player can contribute the amount they want for its creators, while on Steam we will have to have an account on said platform and pay 3.99 euros to add it to our digital library.

Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

How to download Among us on iOS and Android phones

On the other hand, Among Us It is also available on mobile phones, both for iOS as for Android, in both cases as a free game or free to play, with in-app purchases, never mandatory. To do this, you just have to access the official page of the game in the App Store (iOS) either Google Play (Android) and click on the button Install to start downloading and installing Among Us completely free of charge.

Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

How to download Among Us on Nintendo Switch

Finally, Among Us is also available for nintendo switch, Nintendo's hybrid console, like paid title (not free) available through the Nintendo eShop, the console's digital store, with a price of 4.29 euros. To start the download, you just need to access the eShop through the Switch main menu, search for Among Us in the store's search bar and click on Buy to purchase the game and start the automatic installation. You will need a payment method to purchase the game, such as a credit card.

Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

Among Us: how to download for free on PC and mobiles

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