Cheats Middle-earth: Shadow of War for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All Middle-earth: Shadow of War cheats, secrets, collectibles and achievements/trophies

Form your army, cross enemy lines and use strategy, ingenuity or brute force to conquer Sauron's fortresses and turn them against him in the new game based on Tolkien's famous trilogy, embark on the adventure of  Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

The Final 3

Final 1 – To see the first ending just follow the main story and defeat the final boss in the Act 3

Final 2 – Once the previous ending has been unlocked, you have to return to the game and see that Act 4 is unlocked. In this act all the missions are siege missions, and we will have to overcome the waves of the army Mordor, After completing all the sieges we access ending 2.

secret scene – In order to see the shadow of war secret scene you have to collect the 15 Cobwebs of destiny that are distributed in the game (3 for each region). When we find all of them having solved the puzzle that each of the cobwebs offers you, we return to Cirith Ungol to get number 16 and see a secret scene.


Ithildin Collectibles 

There are 30 Ithildin and 5 Ithildin Doors in total, we will find 6 Ithildin and an Ithildin Door in each area of the game that we will have to locate and complete the puzzle, once we have all 6 in an area we will have to go to the door and place the words correctly to open the Ithildin Gate. To get the achievement/trophy "Speak, friend and enter", "Open one of the doors of Ithildin", we will only need to open one of them, in addition it will also help us to obtain equipment from the Lord of Light. We leave you a video with the location of the 30 Ithildin.

Shadow of War - Ithildin Gates Guide (Location of all Ithildin)


Poems Gates of Ithildin

Once we get the 6 Ithildin of an area we will be able to solve the poem of the Ithildin gate of that region, we leave you the solution of the 5 door knobs.

  • Minas Ithil Gate: Shadows – Penumbras – Rhythm – World – Darkness – Condemnation.
  • Cirith Ungol Gate: Rise – Fires – Night – Guide – Shine – March.
  • Númen Gate: Iron – Serpents – Vain – Affliction – Hordes – Adhesion.
  • Seregost Gate: Sleep – Cave – Poisoned – Trapped – Arrive – Base.
  • Gorgoroth Gate: Stalking – Walls – Resistance – Power – Violence – Failure.

Memories of Ella-Laraña

There are 16 memories in total, we will find 3 parts of the memory in each area of the game, 15 memories that we will have to locate and complete the puzzle, once we do it the final memory (16) in Cirith Ungol, upon completing them all we will see the Web of Destiny scene at 100% and we will get the achievement/trophy "Cobweb remover".

Shadow of War - She-Laraña's Memories Guide (Includes She-Laraña scene at 100%)



Are 7 beasts in total which we will have to ride, 4 of them we can summon with skills, they also appear on the map and we can ride them if we have the necessary skills, but the other 3 we will have to locate on the map, keep in mind that these 3 are special mounts , some of them may require many attempts until they come out, when you fly over the area if you see that they are not there you can travel to the nearest Haedir to try again. By managing to assemble them we receive the Achievement/Trophy "At the Step, at the trot and at the gallop".

Shadow of War - Mount Guide - Achievement / Trophy Walking, Trotting and Galloping (Rough Rider)


Gondorian artifacts

Gondorian Artifacts are collectibles that we can collect in the game and they give us skill points, In total there are 55 spread across the 5 regionsOf these 55, 1 we got during the story, the other 54 have to be found. We leave you a video with the location of all the Gondorian artifacts in the 5 areas of the game. By collecting them all we obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Concluded Stories".

Shadow of War - Gondorian Artifact Guide - Achievement / Trophy Concluded Tales


Achievements/Trophiesm Middle-earth: Shadow of War

winning combination – Combine 3 gems of the same quality to create an even stronger gem.   

You will be a vandal – Destroy a monument.   

Blood ties – Complete an online rematch.   

Death is not the end – Resurrect an Adept Captain.   

Deep cleaning – Purify all Haedir.   

Above all – Reach the rank of captain in an online conquest.   

No orc left behind – Rescue a captured adept.   

The power of two – Send an adept to help another on a Nemesis mission.   

Killjoy – Send a destroyer on a revenge mission.   

heartless boss – Hit an adept until he has had enough.   

Advantages of being an adept – Use a training order to give an adept a sash.      

Rule of three – Unlock 3 gem slots.   

The best defense – Equip an assault team with 3 siege upgrades.   

Ready for the battle – Complete a challenge to upgrade a piece of equipment.   

hostile takeover – Defeat a leader.   

Speak, friend, and enter – Open one of Ithildin's doors.   

This is revenge – Complete a revenge mission.   

Next time there will be more luck – Find an enemy or adept who has cheated death.   

Mercilessly – Send an adept to kill another in a fight at the well.   

From inside – Start a conquest using all the leaders as spies.   

Wanted – Recruit one adept from each advanced class.   

You look, but you don't touch – Watch as an adept kills another captain without helping him.   

At the walk, at the trot and at the gallop – Ride each type of normal and rare beast.   

Wildly – Ride a graug to kill a dragon.   

troll rider – Ride an olog to kill a captain.   

Vertical mobility – Help a soldier become a lord.   

Cold blooded family – Have a captain kill his blood brother.   

The Beast Whisperer – Use bait to attract each type of beast.   

Nemesis – Find the same orc 3 times in Nemesis missions without killing it.   

of legend – Equip a complete set of legendary equipment. 

gemic master – Create a maximum level gem.   

He who warns is not a traitor – Send a death threat and kill the target.   

Advanced bet – Deactivate an outpost.   

Concluded stories – Recover all Gondorian artifacts.   

Veteran – Unlock all player skills.   

The game is between spies – Turn all of a warlord's bodyguards into spies and then confront him.   

If you can't beat your enemy... – Master an Orc after it has killed you 3 or more times.   

Warrior of the Second Age – Complete all Shadow of the Past missions in a region.    

There are no immortal orcs – Complete all Fighting Pit missions.   

Let's do it – Defeat Helm Hammerhand.   

Lord of fear – Defeat the Balrog.   

Cobweb remover – Unveil She-Laraña's last memory and reveal the web of destiny.

First steps – Conquer the fortress of Núrnen.   

Deadly peace – Complete the Shadow Wars.   

Undeath will defeat undeath – Complete all Carnán missions.   

Fall down and get up again – Complete all Brûz missions.   

And there was light – Complete all Eltariel quests.   

This one goes through Gondor – Complete all Gondor quests.   

Anything goes – Shame a murderer into madness.

What one day we lost – Complete the first act.

A draw can be a victory – Defeat the Witch King and claim Minas Morgul.