Dying Light Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Discover the best tricks for Dying Light and survive its zombie hordes.

We help you with the best tricks to survive in the world of Dying Light.

Duplicate Weapons and Items

We leave you a video to be able to duplicate weapons and objects in a very easy way after the update, but it no longer works to duplicate money. 

Get EXPCalibur Sword

We can always get it on the island of southeast of the map. this sword this can not be fixed and its duration is minimal but it is very powerful and kills most zombies with a single hit. We leave you a video indicating its exact location and how to get it.

9mm pistol

We leave you a video with the location of the 9 mm pistol in the neighborhoods.

Dying Light - Spanish - Gameplay - The Gun for The Gunslinger

Collectibles – Notes, Diaries and Recordings

In total we have 67, 34 Notes, 17 Diaries and 16 Recordings, collecting all of them we will obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Everything in Writing." We leave you a video with the location of the 67 collectibles and obtain the achievement easily.

Dying light - Collectibles Guide (Notes, Recordings and Journals) Achievement / Trophy Everything in writing

Quarantine Zones

In total we have 8 quarantine zones what needs to be cleaned to obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Breaking In". Below we leave you a video with the location of all of them.

Dying light - Location of Quarantine Zones (Achievement / Raid Trophy)

Plants Vs. Zombies minigame

In order to see this minigame we have to go to the antenna area and climb to the top, throw them down the zip line towards a rocky area and find a flower that when trying to pick it up will send us directly to the minigame. We leave you a video showing how to do it.

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