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Anthem – EA/Bioware

This game was presented during the Microsoft conference, EA and Bioware (Mass Effect) are developing an ambitious multiplayer title with impeccable graphics, players ride in exosuits known as Javelins, which will allow us to fly and dive through the depths, also in In the trailer you could see a great differentiation of weapons and massive attacks to finish off the enemies. From EA the game is described as an "action adventure" and not as an RPG but it has also been noted "that we can expect the good development of the characters and the story that the Bioware guys have accustomed us to." Something that attracted a lot of attention and controversy about this game were its amazing graphics, showing gigantic scenarios with great detail, lush jungles, huge enemies, movement through the depths with a multitude of enemies, the storm at the end of the trailer. Its power raised the question of whether it would finally look like this on the new consoles. EA has also taken care to point out that the demo ran on an Xbox One


Almost nothing about the story was revealed during the Microsoft conference at E3, humans live in a settlement surrounded by a gigantic wall that isolates them from outside dangers, we saw that players will take on the role of Freelancers, people who travel more beyond the wall to complete various missions and objectives. In the game's trailer, a distraught man approaches the main player and asks him to find a group he hired to search for something beyond the wall. From there, the gameplay takes players out and into the wilds, where another player joins her, revealing that the game will in fact feature cooperative play, similar to titles like Destiny, although it can also be enjoyed in single mode. player. The title will be released throughout 2018 with no date to be specified.

Ashen – Aurora 44

Ashen is an action RPG developed by Aurora 44, it was already presented at E3 2015 and little else was known about it until now, it is about a wanderer in search of a place to call home, in a world where nothing lasts, There is no sun and what natural light there is comes from the eruptions that cover the earth in ash.

Ashen E3 Reveal 4K Trailer - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference

It is ensured that the games will always be different with a non-linear progression, being in different places at different times will change the story. The people we meet in this desolate land will be other players and we will have to decide how to deal with them. In the different trailers we can see that there will be giant creatures to face. It still doesn't have a release date but we hope it's soon so we can enjoy it.

Ashen announces trailer for E3 Xbox One


Assassin's Creed Origins – Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed returns to the fray with a new installment, Origins and the setting, Egypt, the first thing that attracts attention is how well recreated the empire of the pharaohs is, the game places us in the year 49 BC, we will embody Bayek and his story will be related to the creation of the Assassin brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed Origins - World Premiere at Microsoft E3 Press Conference


The exploration will take us to visit the interior of the pyramids, to discover tombs, learn about the history of the last pharaohs and learn about the mythology of the Egyptian gods, all this is very good, but? And the playable changes that players demand? A lot has been emphasized at this E3 on the changes that come to the saga, now focused more on combats with more possibilities, with a closer camera to accompany this purpose and the possibility of doing counters with the shield, somersaults to dodge, use of the bow as we have seen in Zelda Breath of the Wild (with slow motion when using it in the air to aim), in addition to the inclusion of bosses. Bayek has also been seen acting as a gladiator.


Assassin's Creed Origins - The Combat System Explained
EPIC 4K BOSS BATTLE!! Assassin's Creed Origins Gameplay EXCLUSIVE XBOX ONE

Another thing that draws attention is that we no longer have a minimap and instead we can see in the Gameplays a bar similar to the one we see in Bethesda games, Skyrim or Fallout 4, this has also been emphasized, a less system linear and the inclusion of secondary missions with elaborate characters and stories, we also do not have the famous watchtowers and we have an eagle and a compass to explore the terrain. A system similar to Far Cry or the recent Horizon Zero Dawn of Crafting has also been included, that is, we need to collect objects and hunt to make our equipment and also with a good underwater exploration component. The game will go on sale on October 27, so we will soon be able to check all the changes that Ubisoft has wanted to introduce in the saga. In the meantime, we leave you this half-hour gameplay at E3 so you can draw conclusions.

30 minutes of Assassin's Creed Origins gameplay - E3 2017

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Namco Bandai

One of the games that has created great excitement during this E3 2017 has been the Dragon Ball game, "Dragon Ball FighterZ" developed by Arc System Works (Blazblue, Guilty Gear) we are faced with a proposal highly anticipated by fans, a 2D fighting game with incredible visuals and very faithful to the anime. It is no wonder since the work done by Arc System in its fighting titles, apart from having very advanced and demanding fighting systems, have always shown a striking visual aspect, so the result with our beloved Dragon Ball characters It is at least very striking.


As we can see in the trailer that was shown during the Microsoft conference, we can see the speed of the game, the characters moving with incredible fluidity, their most characteristic attacks, aerial combos, chases in the air in the purest Guilty Gear style and that the game will base its system on 3 Vs 3 combats with the possibility of calling our companions in the middle of the fight to carry out actions in the purest Marvel Vs Capcom style. In all the Gameplays shown we can see Perfect Cell, Frieza, Bu (fat), Gohan (Cell era), Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

As we can see, the movements will not be very complicated and the Special Attacks are quite simple to perform, without having more complicated movements like the other Arc System games, which leaves us with very open gameplay for both novices and experts, the only thing left is To be confirmed is whether there will be a good differentiation between the characters and their movements. We leave you a few Gameplays shown during the fair.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - XB1/PS4/PC - Gameplay session #1


HIGH LEVEL DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ - Gameplay Breakdown w/Maximilian


Monster Hunter World – Capcom

The popular Capcom saga returns to desktop consoles in style. Capcom commented that the game is being developed by the main team and that despite not having a number, it can be considered the 5th installment. 

"It's the next main Monster Hunter game. Our team in Osaka is working on it. When you have such a long saga, I think the numbers start to be unpleasant. New players may think, "Oh, I've already missed four games, I can't start now." Just because we've removed the number from the title doesn't mean it's not a mainline Monster Hunter game. We just want to haveworld” in the title because it speaks to the concept of the game in many ways. This the first worldwide launch of the saga, and this time the servers are global".

Monster Hunter World Reveal Trailer - E3 2017: Sony Conference

There has also been talk that on consoles they hope to achieve stable 30fps and that later they will optimize the game for PC and see what they can offer on this platform. From NeoGaf you can read several things about the game: 

  • Monster Hunter: World has been in development for 4 years.
  • The base camp is random, every time the hunt begins the hunters start at different locations.
  • Hunters will be able to change weapons and armor from the camp. 
  • Creatures can change the scenery with their attacks and destroy certain objects. 
  • We can hide to better prepare the attack or to flee from the battle.
  • A damage point system has been introduced to know the health of enemies. 
  • Hunters can grab objects while moving or running.


Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo

One of the great games with an advanced state was Super Mario Odyssey, the Nintendo title shows an unbeatable appearance and we are faced with a new great adventure of the plumber. Huge 3D kingdoms full of secrets and surprises, including costumes for Mario and many ways to interact with the various environments. Thanks to his new friend, Cappy, Mario has new moves, thanks to this, he can take control of all kinds of things, including objects and enemies!

Super Mario Odyssey - Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017

Miyamoto acknowledged that after Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, the company shifted to a more casual-friendly approach to Mario games, but with Odyssey they are looking to return to the exploration gameplay seen in previous titles. Nintendo searches "go back to the roots, to Mario Sunshine"Miyamoto said regarding the upcoming Switch game. He noted that some players were having problems with the camera of the aforementioned GameCube title, so with Odyssey they have "made sure the camera controls are really smooth and easy to use".

From everything shown, the new movements that we can do with the cap draw a lot of attention, especially being able to use it to possess enemies and objects and have its peculiarities, for example we could see how Mario used it to possess a Bill. Bullet and reach a secret area of the stage, so we must count the playable possibilities that this inclusion gives the title, since Nintendo ensures that we can use this ability with a lot of enemies and objects.

During E3 game director Kenta Motokura gave details to Polygon about the upcoming title, Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser once again, but he has taken her far away, outside of the mushroom kingdom. Although the developers did not indicate how many worlds will be playable throughout Mario's journey, they emphasize that they will be extremely diverse. "You will see many things you have never seen in Mario's world before, but many things you may have seen in our world"said producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. "They are meticulously crafted spaces that are packed with things to find, discover and interact with."

The main collectibles in the game are called Power Moons, which will power Mario's airship as he flies from Kingdom to Kingdom. Instead of a main world Mario will continue his adventure after finding them, he will continue advancing towards other new worlds. Motokura noted that there are many more Power Moons than there are collectibles in games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. There are also no "any mandatory pick-ups" as well, which turned out to be difficult to develop, said Motokura. "You can choose to advance the story if you want, but you can also do a lot of exploration and just explore all the levels and not worry about advancing the story and go at your own pace"Motokura pointed out. "And trying to make it a fun game, choosing any of those play styles, which is something we haven't had to do before in a 3D Mario." The title will go on sale on October 27.


The Evil Within 2 – Bethesda/Tango Gameworks

The Evil Within 2 trailer

The Evil Within 2 – Official E3 Announce Trailer (PEGI)

"Sebastian Castellanos is a former detective, but more importantly this time, he is a man struggling with loss and despair," says game director John Johanas. "He was a father who cared deeply about his family and those around him, and now he is alone in the world. Losing his family before the events of the first game, Sebastian became rougher around the edges and much more cynical. , but remained faithful to his duty as a detective, with a very strong sense of right and wrong.

The Evil Within 2 – Story trailer

The Evil Within 2 – Official E3 Story Trailer (PEGI)

The horrors Sebastian experienced in the first game left them scarred, but instead of fleeing the source of his nightmares, Sebastian pursued them. He spent three years searching for answers to the questions that plagued him and trying to find the organization that ruined his life. Who is Mobius? What are they chasing? What is the true purpose of STEM?

"STEM enables shared consciousness by connecting human minds," explains producer Shinsaku Ohara. "Mobius believes that this shared consciousness can bring order and peace to the world, but his true motives are unclear, and that is what Sebastian has been trying to discover."

The Evil Within 2 – Extended Gameplay trailer

The Evil Within 2 – E3 Extended Gameplay Trailer (PEGI)


In this new installment you can see that the title will focus more on a more psychological terror than the first, with ghostly enemies and dark locations, with a strong story component to develop the characters and gameplay a little more open than that of the first. first title, improvements have been made in control and movement but it will maintain that feeling of discomfort so that the confrontations are overwhelming. We will find out everything on October 27, 2017.