Get Even Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All Get Even cheats, secrets, achievements and endings

Accompany Cole Black through his mind and memories and solve the mystery it contains Get Even.

The 2 Get Even Endings

Bad Ending

Get Even can be played in two ways, killing the enemies or using stealth to avoid them and not kill them, to obtain the bad ending, by killing any enemy and doing the opposite of what Ramsey tells us is worth it.

Good ending

To get the good ending, we cannot kill anyone during the game, so we have to do everything stealthily and follow Ramsey's instructions. Here we leave you a video with both endings



Hidden Memories

To get the Gnosis Achievement/Trophy we need to collect all the hidden memories, to do this in each chapter you have to find all the evidence and return to the evidence board to unlock the hidden memory, we leave you a video to locate them without problems.


Difficult Love

To get this achievement we have to go to Building C, the second time we pass through this location, whether we do the water puzzle with John or not (if he is dead we can't do it) we will see a vision of Grace and a memory sequence, good for To obtain the achievement/trophy you have to shoot Grace before the sequence begins, you have to be very fast to be able to shoot her.



Get Even Achievements/Trophies

Strong man saves helpless woman – Get all the evidence of Grace's kidnapping

Diagnosis- Collect all the evidence from building B.  

Intensive Treatment – Collect all evidence from Building C.  

I confess it! – Obtain all the evidence of the theft in ADS.  

Cleaning up the mess – Collect all the evidence of the murder in the warehouse.  

In extremis – Get all the evidence of J's last minutes.  

Internal accomplice – Obtain all the evidence of the kidnappers' hideout.  

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing – Get all the tests on Rose Atkins.  

Quick Fix – Solve the electricity problem and let John Lyndon delve into his memories.  

Survivor Syndrome – Let Mr. Boyce survive the assault on ADS.  

Call the Plumber – Sabotage the pipes to distract ADS security.  

Die Another Day – Scan Albert Hall while he is alive.  

Manslaughter – Scan Albert Hall's corpse.  

And my music? – Distract Walt Kaufmann.  

Overdose – Survive a bad trip to the psychiatric garden.  

Fuel on the fire – Set a couple of fanatics free.  

Ready to Shoot – Collect 3 ammo clips during a visit to the psychiatric hospital.

Benefit of the doubt – Help Jared escape from his captors.  

Crazy tea – Get water for John.  

No cake – Let Kiddo survive to see the party.  

Painful memories – Remember the consequences of the kidnapping.  

Unreliable Narrator – Discover the truth about Jasper's murder.  

Shattered – Remember your loss.  

Difficult love – I will always be with you…  

Summary of the catastrophe – Discover the true author of the kidnapping.  

Taking Over – Assimilates an enemy.  

Into the Lion's Den – Collect all the evidence in the criminal mastermind's secret hideout.      

Cogito ergo sum – Unlock a hidden memory.  

Chronic survivor – Help Boyce escape from the psychiatric hospital.  

Cat Eyes – Recognize the living dancer before he attacks.  

Convert – Let John Keating survive to the party and confront his new beliefs.  

Transcendence – Leave the world of memories.  

Untraceable – Infiltrate a memory without activating defense mechanisms.     

Behind the Veil – Escape from the psychiatric hospital.  

Gnosis – Unlock all hidden memories.  

Clean Job – Enter the building where Jasper is being held without raising the alarm.  

Action Hero – Eliminate all the criminals in the main room from their hideout in 30 seconds.  

Wandering Warrior – Make it to the swamp rendezvous point without raising the alarm.  

Non omnis moriar – Make peace with Grace.  

Disinherited – Say goodbye.