Horizon Zero Dawn Guide – Side Missions for PS4

All Horizon Zero Dawn side quests and rewards

Secondary Mission – The Forgotten

Reward: 1000 XP – Featured reward box.

We find this mission north of the settlement "Ojos de Madre", when crossing the river we will hear a woman shouting to us from the top of a rock, we must go up and talk to her. Olara's brother Brom was supposed to return home after ten years in exile, but he has disappeared, leaving behind a blood-soaked camp.

We head towards the Brom camp, there when searching the bonfire, we will also see a trail of blood that we can continue using the Focus to mark the footprints, we simply have to follow the trails until we reach an object to scan and footprints and mark the footprints to follow. Finally we will find him on top of a rock wanting to commit suicide, Olara also appears in the sequence and when he finishes the mission concludes and we receive the reward.

Secondary Mission – In the footsteps of his mother

Reward: 1000 XP – Spear Damage Booster

This mission is in the same direction as the previous one, but further north following the river. A wounded hunter asks Aloy to find his daughter, who set off after a dangerous machine to recover a precious family heirloom. When we reach the objective we have to kill 4 Watchers in the area to be able to talk to Arana, the daughter of the wounded hunter.

This tells us about a Scrapper who has his spear, we must go look for it, we follow the tracks until we find a group of Scrappers and Watchers, one of them has the spear, when we finish them all we pick it up and talk to Thok again.