How to expand PS5 storage memory

Tutorial with all the options to expand the storage capacity of your PlayStation 5

Next we will see how to expand storage memory PS5, so that you have more space on your consoles to store more video games. And so it is as happens with PS4, PlayStation 5 also offers the possibility of increase internal storage memory; although in the case of the new generation console sony, can be done through two methods. Let us remember that PS5 offers a limited amount of storage due to the SSD technology (much faster and more efficient, but also more expensive), so it is very interesting to expand its memory so as not to have to be removing and installing games constantly. Let's see how to expand internal storage memory PlayStation 5.

PS5: how to expand storage

PS5 offers a total of 825 GB internal SSD storage, of which a total of 667 GB (due to the space required for the console operating system). With the size of games increasing, it seems very necessary to expand the storage capacity of PlayStation 5. And to do this we have two options: through a internal SSD drive or through a external HDD hard drive via USB 3.0. Let's see how to expand PS5 storage with both methods.

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How to expand PS5 storage via internal SSD

The first option to expand PS5 storage is through a internal console bay in which to install a NVMe SSD drive. To do this, it will be necessary to purchase a unit of this type of SSD and proceed to install it. First of all, let's look at some recommended models of NVMe SSD drives for PlayStation 5:

Once you have purchased one NVMe SSD compatible with PS5 The time has come to proceed with its installation. For this you will have to remove the upper plastic casing of the console to access its interior; Fear not, the two white PlayStation 5 casings can be removed without major problems by carefully pulling them to separate them from the black central block.

How to expand PS5 storage memory

Both plastic casings are attached and no tools necessary; Just pull them with a little pressure and you can remove them. When you have removed the casing from the top of the console you will have to look for the SSD expansion bay, located next to the large internal fan of the console. And the PS5 storage cannot be replaced as it is It happened with PS3 or PS4, since internal SSD storage units are soldered to the motherboard from the console. In this case we can only expand its internal storage by adding a second NVMe SSD drive.

Once you have located the expansion bay, remove its metal plate with a screwdriver, in order to leave the SSD expansion port visible. Now you can insert NVMe SSD drive that you have purchased to increase the internal storage of the console. Go back to place the metal bay plate expansion with the screwdriver and replace the PS5 external case. When you turn on your PS5 again, the system will recognize the new storage unit automatically.

How to expand PS5 storage memory

How to expand PS5 storage via external HDD

Another option is to expand the storage memory through a external hard drive via USB, just as it could already be done on PS4. Of course, in the case of PS5 there is a significant handicap: we can only store PS5 games but not run them. To run a PS5 game you will first have to copy it from external HDD hard drive to internal SSD storage. This is a solution that will allow us to store PS5 games and copy them faster than if we downloaded them again.

On the other hand, yes we can run PS4 games stored on the external HDD without the need to copy them to the internal SSD. In this case, it is an ideal option to save PS4 games on PS5. Also, if you already have a external HDD hard drive on PS4, you can use it directly without having to format it on your PS5. To do this, always remove the HDD hard drives safely to avoid data loss; In addition, both consoles will have to have the same PlayStation user.

How to expand PS5 storage memory

The requirements for using an external HDD through a USB 3.0 port is that the drive has USB 3.0 connection. There are many external HDD hard drives of various capacities: 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB and more. The higher the capacity, the higher the price, although in this case they are much cheaper than NVMe SSD drives. For it, Plug the HDD 3.0 hard drive into one of the two USB 3.0 ports from the back of the console, turn on your PS5 and the operating system will take care of formatting the external hard drive.

Now you know how to expand PS5 internal storage through its two methods. Choose the one that best suits your needs or possibilities (you can also combine both for more extra storage) and enjoy all your PS5 games.

How to expand PS5 storage memory

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