Rime Cheats for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

Discover all of Rime's secrets, achievements, collectibles, statues, toys, emblems, outfits, locks

After a big storm, we end up on a strange island full of secrets, accompany the protagonist of Rhyme and discover them all.

lost lullaby

To get this Achievement/Trophy we have to get 6 sea shells, each one is a part of the song, we leave you a video to easily locate them.

RIME: ALL Lullabies Shell Collectibles Locations


The 7 Toys

To get the Toy Store Achievement/Trophy, one has to collect 7 toys distributed throughout the game, the video shows the location of all of them.

RIME: All Toys Collectibles Locations


The 5 Statues

To get the Achievement/Trophy Biting the Dust, we have to locate 5 hidden statues, we leave you the location in the video.

Rime - Bite the dust Trophy Guide (All 5 Statues)


All Emblems

In total we have 18 emblems to collect Throughout the game, by gathering them all we will get the Achievement/Trophy It is a processIn the video we leave you the location of all of them.

RIME All Emblems Collectibles Locations


All Costumes

He Complete Wardrobe Achievement/Trophy we get it by getting the 5 hidden suits In the game, we leave you the location of all of them.

RIME: All Outfits Collectibles Locations


All Locks

To obtain the Truth Achievement/Trophy, we have to look through 8 locks, we leave you a video with the location of all of them to complete it easily.

RIME: All Keyhole Collectibles Locations


RIME Achievements/Trophies

ancient treasure – Try to wake up the lost Sentinel.  

bite the dust – Break the 5 rare statues.  

Camouflage yourself in the environment – Move through the shadows without being seen.  

Watch your steps – Do not crush the eggs.  

Silent and dark – Complete the maze without making a sound.  

Do not say no – Get out of the comfort zone.  

From heaven to the abyss – Contemplate the resting place of the fallen.  

funeral flowers – Find a nice resting place.  

Good intentions – Try to correct a mistake.  

Happy family – Gather the family.  

hold your breath – Use a single bubble in the underwater cave.  

Vases in the sand – Breaks many vases.  

Illuminate – Turn on a lot of lights.  

lost lullaby – Complete the Lost Lullaby.  

A race – Be faster than the Sentinels.  

reckless dip – The higher the height, the more fun.  

That has gone too far – Throw something as far as you can.  

The path of light – Bring light to the labyrinth of darkness.  

Toy store – Find all the toys.   

In the deep – Find the shark.  

Without a trace – Respect the past.  

Wrong direction – The other route was safer.  

Ask for a miracle – Start a chain of favors.  

Complete wardrobe – Get all the outfits.  

It is a process – Get all the emblems.  

Hopeless – Hit rock bottom.  

Patience – Turning your back on the truth and continuing to move forward is useless.  

sweet memory – Meet the white shadow.  

The truth – Look through all the locks.  

Let go – Accept things as they are.  

Unbearable – Goes from victim to executioner.


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