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Collectibles – Treasures and Relics

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Collectibles Guide (Treasures and Relic) [READ DESCRIPTION]

Ride the Crocodile Trophy

In Chapter 5, after finding the golden elk in the bookstore, we can locate the crocodile. When we leave the room we go to the right to go up to the second floor and get on the crocodile. We leave you a video.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Ride the Crocodile Trophy


Legacy Mode

When we reach rank 75 for the first time we have the option to enter Legacy mode, the accumulated money (they leave us with 10,000), promoters, the bribery medal, weapons, and weapon modifications are reset . We keep purchased skins, Taunts, treasures, and our statistical stats. Every 75 levels we can advance to the next legacy until we reach the 5th where we can reach level 99.

Legacy 1: They give you negative Boosters that multiply your gains from your kills by 2x or 2.5x. 

Legacy 2: Another 4 Negative Boosters with 3x and 3.5x. 

Legacy 3: They give you Clown Masks and Donut Talbot Skins.  

Legacy 4: Another 75 levels.

Legacy 5: Access to the latest levels from 75 to 99.

Unlock Crushing difficulty mode

To get the most complicated and challenging difficulty mode that you can find in Uncharted 3, you must complete the game on hard mode, from there, you will have the freedom to select this mode in the game's story.


Characters Heroes

  • Apart from those available by purchasing in the store are:
  • Custom Hero: Available from the start.
  • Nathan Drake: Costs 5,000.
  • Elena Fisher: You need to reach rank 5.
  • Victor Sullivan: You must obtain rank 15.
  • Chloe Frazer: You need to get rank 25.
  • Charlie Cutter: You must have rank 35.
  • Drake in a suit: it is necessary to reach rank 45.
  • Sully in a suit: you must reach rank 50.
  • Salim: you need to have rank 60.
  • Young Sully: You must reach rank 70.
  • Desert Drake: Rank 75 required.
  • Marco Polo: Complete the 'Cultivated Knight' treasure set.
  • Sir Francis Drake: Obtain the 'Stylish Jewelry' treasure set.
  • Fat Drake: Reach the 'Smiling End' treasure set.

Villainous Characters

  • Custom Villain: Available from the start of the game.
  • Talbot: costs 5,000.
  • Ramses: requires you to reach rank 10.
  • Katherine Marlowe: You need to reach rank 20.
  • Dead Agent: You must reach rank 30.
  • Marlowe in a suit: Get rank 40.
  • Desert Talbot: Requires you to reach Rank 55.
  • Young Marlowe: You must reach rank 65.
  • Skelzor: You must complete the 'Wrath' treasure set.
  • Genghis Khan: You need to complete the 'Valuable Lion' treasure set.



  • Para 9: available from the start of the game.
  • Micro Weapon: Reach rank 10.
  • Raffica Revolver: Reach rank 23.
  • Tau Sniper: Get rank 40.
  • For 9 jade: receive rank 56.
  • Drake's 9: Complete the 'Golden Weapons' treasure set.
  • For Marlowe's 9: Obtain the 'Aristocrat's Vice' treasure set.
  • Talbot's Micro Weapon: Obtain the 'Lapis Lazuli Sanxingdui' treasure set.
  • Sully's Micro Weapon: Obtain the 'Spanish Coins' treasure set.
  • Raffica of Ramses: Obtain the 'Golden Earrings' treasure set.
  • Elena's Raffica: Obtain the 'Golden Rings' treasure set.
  • Chloe's Tau: Reach the 'Nine Jewels' treasure set.

Long weapons

  • AK-47: Available from the start.
  • G-MAL: is available from the start.
  • Dragon Sniper: Reach rank 6.
  • M9: Achieve rank 16.
  • KAL 7: Reach rank 31.
  • FAL-SS: Obtain rank 50.
  • Jade AK: Reach rank 65.
  • Jade M9: Reach rank 75.
  • Eddy's AK: Complete the 'Alexandria' treasure set.
  • Drake's AK: Finish the 'Death's End' treasure set.
  • Navarro's AK: Complete the 'Curse of Morticia' treasure set.
  • Pirate AK: unlocked with the collector's edition voucher.
  • Marlowe's M9: Obtain the 'Philosopher's Memory' treasure set.
  • Flynn's M9: Complete the 'Priceless Inca Figurines' treasure set.
  • Chloe's M9: Obtain the 'Valuable Beads' treasure set.
  • Román's G-MAL: Achieve the 'Inca Priceless' treasure set.
  • Elena's G-MAL: Finish the 'Lord of Obstacles' treasure set.
  • Flynn's G-MAL: Obtain the 'Haunting Ritual Set' treasure set.
  • Draza Dragon: Complete the 'Golden Death Game' treasure set.
  • Sully's Dragon: Finish the 'Lost Sanxingdui' treasure set.
  • Lazarevic's KAL 7: Reach the 'Ultimate Wrath' treasure set.
  • Ramses KAL 7: Obtain the 'Hunting Pack' treasure set.
  • Cutter's KAL 7: Obtain the 'Jade Sanxingdui' treasure set.
  • Eddy's FAL-SS: Complete the 'Delicate Pendants' treasure set.
  • Talbot's FAL-SS: Obtain the 'Mythological Gear' treasure set.
  • Lazarevic's FAL-SS: Obtain the 'Jade Mothers' treasure set.

bronze trophies

  • First Treasure: Find your first treasure.
  • Apprentice Gold Digger: Find 20 treasures.
  • Advanced Gold Digger: Find 40 treasures.
  • Initiated gold digger: find 60 treasures.
  • Expert Gold Digger: Find 80 treasures.
  • Relic Finder - Find the strange relic.
  • 20 Headshots: Kill 20 enemies using headshots.
  • Headshot Expert: Eliminate 5 enemies in a row with headshots without dying.
  • Secondary Weapon Master: Kill 30 consecutive enemies using your secondary weapon.
  • Shooting blindly: kill 20 enemies by shooting from cover and without aiming.
  • Reckless Marksman: Eliminate 20 enemies with hip fire without aiming.
  • Executioner: Eliminate 20 enemies by aiming and shooting while hanging from something.
  • Land Shark: Eliminate 20 enemies while swimming.
  • 30 eliminated MAG 5: Kill 30 enemies using the MAG 5.
  • 30 Micro Weapon Eliminated: Kill 30 enemies with the Micro Weapon.
  • 30 Tau Sniper Kills: Kill 30 enemies with the Tau Sniper.
  • 30 KAL 7 samples: Eliminate 30 enemies using the KAL 7.
  • 30 Killed M9: Kill 30 enemies using the M9.
  • 30 Eliminated G-MAL: Kill 30 enemies with the G-MAL.
  • 30 Killed SAS-12: Kill 30 enemies using the SAS-12.
  • 30 Eliminated Dragon Sniper: Eliminate 30 enemies using the Dragon Sniper.
  • 30 Killed T-Bolt Sniper: Kill 30 enemies with the T-Bolt Sniper.
  • 30 eliminated RPG-7: Kill 30 enemies with the RPG-7.
  • 30 Killed PAK-80: Kill 30 enemies with the PAK-80.
  • 30 Killed Mk-NDI: Kill 30 enemies using Mk-NDI grenades.
  • Spread Propane: Kill 10 enemies using propane or acetylene bomb explosions.
  • Grenade Executioner: Kill 10 enemies using grenades while hanging from something.
  • Be careful, it burns!: You must make 5 enemies release their grenades with shots.
  • Did You Drop This?: Take out 10 enemies using returned grenades.
  • Were you looking for this?: Return a grenade and kill 2 enemies at the same time.
  • Relentless Brawler: Kill 20 enemies in melee combat.
  • Relentless Fighter: Kill 50 enemies in close combat.
  • Ninja Master: Kill 50 enemies with stealth attacks.
  • Angerbuster: Kill 5 enemies with riot shields by stepping over their shields.
  • Big Guy Basher: Counters all of a big guy's damaging attacks.
  • Quick study: inspect almost all the display cases in the Cartagena museum.
  • Ride the Crocodile: Ride the crocodile from the secret bookstore.
  • Ordenalfadrake: Hit 3 enemies with fish in the market.
  • Marco alone: playing in the cruise ship pool.
  • Truck Fighter: Kill 10 enemies in close combat on the convoy trucks.
  • Thrill Seeker: Complete a competitive multiplayer match.
  • Colleagues: Complete a cooperative multiplayer game.
  • Explored! Easy: Complete the game on Easy mode.

silver trophies

  • Master Gold Digger: Find 100 treasures.
  • Survivor: Kill 75 consecutive enemies without being killed.
  • Mixed Combat: Kill 10 enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat with firearms combat.
  • 100 Headshots: Eliminate 100 enemies with headshots.
  • And without reloading: Kill 50 enemies consecutively without automatically reloading.
  • Roll and collect: collect ammo while rolling, remember to do it 20 times in a row.
  • Bomber Brawler: Eliminate 4 enemies with a single explosion.
  • Expert Ninja: Kill 5 enemies in a row with stealth attacks.
  • Explored! Normal: Complete the game in Normal mode.
  • Explored! Hard: Complete the game on Hard mode.

gold trophies

  • Explored! Crusher: Complete the game in Crusher mode.

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