Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Learn all the secrets of the new Wolfstein, weapons, collectibles, how to access Wolfstone 3D, all the game's achievements and trophies.

Play BJ Blazkowicz, aka "Terror-Billy", a member of the Resistance, enemy of the Nazi empire, and humanity's last hope for freedom. Gather the guts, weapons and courage to return to America and wipe out every Nazi in sight and in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

All Weapons Wolfenstein II – The New Colossus

  • Axe: Our melee weapon. It will sever members and allow us to open supply boxes and break different obstacles, it can also be thrown.
  • Gun: A curious modification of the Luger, it allows us to knock down any unarmored enemy with a couple of shots and we will constantly find ammunition so it is difficult to run out of bullets, however in advanced levels its use is null.
  • Kampfpistole: It is a grenade launcher in the shape of a pistol that can be used to blow up any area or group of enemies. You can improve it with the 'rocket' parameter to optimize the shots that will fly in a straight trajectory as if it were a missile launcher.
  • Maschinenpistole: Submachine gun with high rate of fire ideal for small spaces. You can upgrade it by adding a silencer or equip it with burning nails to cause much more damage.
  • Sturmgewehr: Really accurate assault submachine gun intended to take down enemies with some type of armor. It is possible to attach a sniper scope, improving your aim thanks to its optical system.
  • Schockhammer: This 3-Barrel Shotgun is the deadliest weapon in the game at close range. You have never seen, nor will you see, a shotgun as powerful as this one. You can improve it with the 'rebound' parameter to make better use of its bullets and the scenery and thus ricochet, reaching hidden enemies.
  • Dieselcraftworks: This weapon will allow us to launch fuel balls that we can detonate from a distance. Thanks to it we can destroy certain structures to make our way through the levels. We can unlock the 'Ignition Mouth' upgrade to detonate these charges much more quickly, thus turning it into a grenade launcher.
  • Lasercraftworks: A weapon that allows us to disintegrate structures and enemies thanks to a powerful laser beam that we can recharge at certain charging points that we will find in the game levels. It is the same one that you saw with the previous installment and that returns this time, as it could not be otherwise. You can upgrade the weapon with SuperCharge, which will allow us to hold down the trigger to release a huge beam of energy. Of course, save your energy for the stronger confrontations and don't waste it on normal enemies.
  • Hand grenade: . The typical grenade. With the 'shrapnel' upgrade you can fragment its impacts; with the 'diesel' improvement it is capable of covering the impact radius with fire; and the electrical upgrade turns it into a pulse grenade. 
  • Lasergewehr, Deselgewehr and Hammergewehr: They are heavy weapons that you can use with two hands at certain times of the adventure, and that large enemies usually carry. They manage to cause unparalleled damage and can knock down any rival, even the bosses. They are improved versions of the Laserkraftwerk, Dieselkraftwerk and Schockhammer, they are so heavy that we will not be able to carry them in our inventory and they will exponentially reduce our mobility.



Wolfenstein II Collectibles – The New Colossus

Here we show you all the collectibles that we must find in the game to unlock the respective Achievements/Trophies. The 10 Discs to get the "Audiophile" achievement/trophy, all 50 pieces of gold to obtain the "Golden Boy" achievement/trophy, the 50 illustrations to get the "Art Enthusiast" achievement/trophy, the 16 death cards of the Übercommanders to get the "Terror Billy" achievement/trophy, the 75 stickers to get the achievement/trophy "Introducing the cast" and finally the 16 Max toys to get the achievement/trophy "Toy collector."

You can collect many collectibles during the main story but not all, since some accesses are only open by traveling to the districts, just as the sections of Eva's Hammer are opened as you progress through the main story. The last district is unlocked by completing all the previous ones. Note that each district's kill card is located where you eliminated that district's Übercommander.


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus: Collectibles Guide (Trade Cards, Illustrations, Records, Gold, Toys...)

The 3 Devices and their improvements

The three devices that we will have to achieve and improve are the Constrictor Harness, the Ram Cuirass and the Combat Stilts, We will do one of them compulsorily during the main story, the one we have in our possession depends on the choice we have made in the game, the device you have will not have to be obtained again, just improve it by doing its secondary mission in the Hammer from Eva, the other two you will have to collect and then improve them. They can all be collected once the main story is finished, the game allows you to continue playing, visiting the districts that we can unlock from the Enigma machine in Eva's Hammer. We leave you a video with the location of the 3 devices and their improvements.


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - Gadgets and Upgrades Guide - Achievement / Trophy Complete Pack


Play Wolfstone 3D

To get the retro achievement/trophy we must access an arcade machine where we can play the legendary game. Doing so will automatically skip the achievement/trophy. We leave you a video with the location of the machine in the Reunion mission.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus: Achievement / Retro Trophy (How to Play Wolfstone 3D)

Achievements/Trophies Wolfenstein II – The New Colossus

Crippled but capable – Perform a takedown from the wheelchair.   

Déj+a vu - Choose.   

Keep the flame alive – Use power armor.   

Internal enemy – Interrupts the Nazi signal from section F.   

Amazing Grace – Recruit Grace's group.   

They're fucking aliens! – Find Area 52.   

R.I.P.  – Kill dad.   

All the profits! – Get a new body.   

Sermons and homemade alcohol – Recruit Horton's group.   

Venus – Travel to outer space.   

The Ausmerzer – Capture the Ausmerzer.   

Start a collection – Find at least one copy of each collectible object.

Handyman – Upgrade a weapon.   

Let them pass! – Finish the game on "Let them come!" difficulty. or higher.   

Do it or die! – Finish the game on "Do or Die!" difficulty. or higher.   

Call me Terror Billy! – Finish the game on "Call Me Terror Billy!" difficulty. or higher.   

Kung Fuhrer – Kill Hitler during the aerostatic audition.   

Ave Maria – Throw an ax and kill an enemy 30 meters away.   

Tourism – Visit a district.   

Vintage – Play Wolfstone 3D.   

continue playing – Wait for the game to resume after the credits.   

Stampede – Use the Ram Shell to tackle a charging Super Soldier.   

Snake bite – Perform a takedown with the constrictor harness.   

The sky is the limit – Perform a takedown with the combat stilts.   

Specialist – Completely upgrade a weapon.   

I am death incarnate! – Finish the game on "I am death incarnate!" difficulty. or higher.   

The Nazis didn't see it coming – Get 10 enemy stealth kills in a row.   

Headstrong – Collect 1,000 helmets.   

Come back for more – Visit all districts.   

Plus package – Upgrade a device.   

Mystery – Decipher the position of an Übercommander with the Enigma machine.   

Try your own medicine – Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr. 

toy collector – Find all of Max's toys.   

Audiophile – Find all disks.   

Golden Boy – Find all the gold.   

Horror Billy – Collect all the death cards of the Übercommanders.   

Introducing the cast – Find all the cards.   

art fan – Find all the illustrations.   

Maximize an advantage – Maximizes an advantage.   

I'm machine enough – Clear the Panzerhund section without killing anyone on "Let Them Come!" difficulty. or higher.   

Mein Leben! – Finish the game on "Mein Leben!" difficulty.   

Complete package – Obtain all gadgets from gadget upgrades.   

Show your worth – Get the record in the shooting gallery.   

First loser – Get the second slaughterhouse record.   

Ghost – Complete a district without triggering any alarms.   

Weapons flipped – Completely upgrade all weapons. 

Revolution - Finish the game.   

Maximize all the benefits – Maximize all the advantages.   

Crossed off my list – Complete the blacklist.   

Distracted – Complete all side quests.