How Facebook couples works

This is how Facebook's Tinder works to flirt on the popular social network: find your better half!

Now we are going to tell you all about Facebook couples, the new functionality in the purest style Tinder which offers the possibility of flirt for Facebook with other users of so popular social network who share the same tastes or hobbies or simply like each other through their photographs. In short, Facebook couples invites us to find our better half as if it were a dating app, only integrated into the Facebook application itself. Let's see how does it work Facebook couples and what we have to do to find our ideal partner on the internet.


Facebook couples: what it consists of and how it works

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How to access Facebook couples step by step

Facebook couples is a functionality integrated into Facebook, so it is not necessary to download an extra application; Be wary of any app outside of Facebook that has to do with Facebook couples.

Of course, Facebook couples is a section of Facebook separate from the rest and our activity on Facebook couples It will not be published on our wall or classic Facebook profile. So much so, that Facebook couples only uses our photo and Facebook information to create a profile dedicated to the matchmaking tool; nothing else.

How Facebook couples works

To activate your Facebook couples profile you just have to access the following official link from Facebook and register. Alternatively, you can also click on the three ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen, select the option Other and access the section Couples with a heart icon. Once you access the Facebook couples profile, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. After reading the general conditions, click on Begin.
  2. Set your privacy level and tap Following.
  3. Select your gender and in which you are interested.
  4. Select the location of the people you want to meet.
  5. Configure your profile picture and others personal information that you want to share.
  6. When everything is ready click on Confirm.

How to create your Facebook couples profile

When you have the profile ready, you have two options: associate your Facebook profile either create a couples Facebook profile completely new and independent, so you can choose what data you want to show without it having anything to do with your original Facebook account. Of course, both the name as the age They cannot be changed, since they are predefined by Facebook, but you can enter more personal information, hobbies, interests and more.

On the other hand, Facebook couples offers the possibility of creating a ideal couple identity card with various characteristics of the partner in which we are interested, such as physical appearance, character, tastes and hobbies and more.

How Facebook couples works

Before starting to use Facebook couples, it is worth reviewing some keys and rules for a better user experience. So, Screenshots and screen recordings are not allowed in order to protect the privacy of users. On the other hand, it is It is prohibited to send photos, videos, links and stickers through chats between users. In addition, Facebook couples has some functions similar to Tinder to facilitate the connection between users, such as heart which means “like” or star, which is a “superlike”. Remember that Facebook profiles and Facebook couples are different and that you flirting activity will not be reflected in your traditional Facebook profile.

How Facebook couples works

Now let's look at some special features of Facebook couples, flirting tools that will help us find our ideal partner.

  • secret passions | A tool that allows you to discover Potential partners join Facebook friends and instagram (as long as we have connected our profiles). Thus, this function will select up to 9 friends with points and tastes in common with our profile; if other users also add us to their list of secret passions The famous “match” will occur and we can start a chat. Use it without fear, since the users you select will not know that they have been added to your list until they do the same with us.
  • Events and Groups | We can also pass our Facebook Events and Groups to Facebook couples to find other users with similar interests. This way you can see which users from your Events and Groups are also looking for a partner on Facebook.
  • Video dating | After getting a “match” it is possible to make a chat, but we can also start a video call; If you select a user for a video call, they will receive the notification that they can accept or reject. Although before going directly to a video chat we recommend first starting a conversation via written messaging.

Now you know how to give your first steps on Facebook couples, Facebook's dating tool similar to Tinder and other similar apps; We wish you luck and hope you find your better half!

How Facebook couples works

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