How to remove Facebook comments

Learn how to delete comments from your Facebook posts if you don't want anyone to write to you

Next we will see how to remove comments from Facebook, the popular social network where millions of users meet virtually to share their tastes, activities and news, or simply see what their family and friends upload or communicate through the different options offered by the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg. Although if what you want is just to share your messages, photos, videos or links without no one can add comments to your publications, thanks to our tutorial you will learn how to delete comments Facebook so that no one can write in your posts.

Facebook: how to remove comments

And despite the fact that one of the main attractions of Facebook is the possibility of leave comments on posts of users (so that they know if a post has been liked or not through the opinions of others), it is always possible to avoid comments by deactivating them in each person's profile. Comments can always be positive or negative, it depends on each person's opinion and point of view; although if what you want is to avoid this type of interactions and avoid possible uncomfortable situations, you can disable Facebook comments easily.

Follow the steps below to disable Facebook comments:

  1. Access Facebook and enter your access credentials if you do not have it activated. automatic login.
  2. Click on it arrow icon down from the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the option Setting.
  4. Go to the entrance Public posts.
  5. Select the option Friends.

How to remove Facebook comments

By completing these steps you will be able to prevent anyone who is not in your personal sphere (family, friends or acquaintances) from leaving a comment on your post. In this way, all those who want to interact with you by leaving comments on your posts They must be part of your Friends list; Otherwise, if they are not Facebook friends, you will not see any dedicated space to leave any comment.

On the other hand, in this same Facebook comment configuration section, you will find a section dedicated to the notifications of your posts. So much so, that you can also configure what type of users you want to receive comment notifications on your posts, among Friends, Friends of friends or Everyone.

Finally, in this same section you will see another option dedicated to the relevance of comments; This way, you can decide which comments on your posts you want to see first, the most relevant or by chronological order. This way you can have a fully controlled comments section and enjoy it in the most comfortable and effective way according to your needs.

How to remove Facebook comments

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