How to see your Spotify summary

Spotify Wrapped: how to know your favorite songs and artists of the year

Let's see how to know your summary Spotify, so that you can obtain the data about your favorite songs and artists of the year thanks to Spotify Wrapped. And at the end of each year, Spotify offers its users the possibility of finding out what content on the platform has been their favorites and more listened to thanks to annual summary with the most listened to artists, albums, songs and genres of each one's account. Furthermore, it allows get a playlist own with the Favorite songs of each user. Do not miss how to know your summary Spotify.

How to see your SUMMARY of the year in SPOTIFY

How to know your favorite Spotify songs and artists

Starting in 2020, Spotify offers its annual summaries through its official app for iOS and Android mobile phones instead of the official website from Spotify. So, if you want to know your Spotify Wrapped you will have to do it from the official application; Of course, even though it is through the app, not only the music listened to on the mobile counts, but it also counts all music listened to through your account. Let's see how to get your Spotify Wrapped.

How to get Spotify Wrapped in the Spotify app

The first step is to access the Spotify app via iOS or Android mobile; The method is exactly the same for both systems. Once inside the app, click on the generously sized button What have you been listening to on XXXX? (XXXX is the year of the summary) of the section XXXX in summary. Thus, Spotify will generate your list automatically.

How to see your Spotify summary

This list will show a series of images in the purest form. Instagram Stories with all the information about your tastes and most played music in your account of the year, from the new artists you have discovered to the genres you have listened to the most, in addition to the songs you have played the most times or your favorite podcasts, among many other data .

If you want to add your own playlist to your library with your 100 favorite songs of the year, you just have to click on the button Add to your library in section Your favorite XXXX songs (XXXX is the year of the summary).

How to see your Spotify summary

Finally, Spotify will tell you which artists you've listened to the most in the last year; the last image in the history of Spotify will be a Instagram Stories-style summary with four different formats or designs, with the button Share in case you want to upload it to some of your social networks. This image contains the following information:

  • Most listened to artists
  • Most listened songs
  • Minutes of listening to music
  • Most listened to genre

How to see your Spotify summary

Also showing a iconic image from your favorite artist. Now you know how to know your favorite Spotify artists and songs of the year, in addition to sharing said information with your friends or followers on your social networks.

How to see your Spotify summary

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