TiViFy: what it is and how to watch for free on SmartTV, PC and mobile phones

Everything about the new free television platform to watch 80 channels without cables or antenna from any device. How to download and start using

Let's see what is TiViFy and how to watch for free this new platform for SmartTV, PC and iOS and Android mobiles. And TiViFy is one more option for see DTT without cables or antennas, only through the Internet, to access a wide range of content, up to a total of 80 channels available through online television and on smart devices. And TiViFy has a free plan and others paid with more options for the user. All this through the following platforms: Android, Android TV, Google TV, iOS, iPadOS and web browser. Next, don't miss everything about TiViFy, what it is, what options it offers and how to download for free in each case.

TiViFy: what it is and how to download for free

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What is TiViFy and what does it offer?

TiViFy stands out for the free access to a wide catalog of content, live channels without ads or extra payments. Most of its offering is focused on DTT channels, as well as in regional channels of several autonomous communities and a selection of international and thematic channels.

In addition, TiViFy allows you to perform program recordings (in free mode only for RTVE and regional channels), access to the programming of the last 7 days (in free mode for RTVE and regional channels with 60 hours available) and the possibility of link 3 devices and play the content in one.

TiViFy is reminiscent of other services like Pluto TV, although offering more options with the possibility of watching DTT live; Unlike Pluto TV, it also offers more channels on different topics, even more so in pay format.

How TiViFy works

All TiViFy plans, free and paid, offer the same interface. Thus, in the area on the left there is a Option menu to access the television guide and the list of channels with their main contents, in addition to user recordings and links to installed applications such as Netflix or YouTube, in addition to a selection of movies and series available.

TiViFy: what it is and how to watch for free on SmartTV, PC and mobile phones

To start recording content you will only have to click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen, in addition to changing the language among those available. In the web version the PiP mode (Picture in Picture), that is, a reduced window to continue working on other applications or programs with a small TiViFy window on the same screen.

As we say, TiViFy offers its main features also in its free plan, that is, 1080p maximum resolution and the same interface for all plans, something that stands out from other platforms with reduced free plans. Additionally, TiViFy is compatible with a large selection of devices: it is available on the official website Tivify.tv, as well as for Android on Google Play, for iOS (iPhone) in the App Store, for fire tv, as an application for SmartTV from Samsung, LG and Android TV. On the other hand, TiViFy is also compatible with Chromecast.

TiViFy free and paid: plans available

To use TiViFy, whether in its free or paid mode, it is necessary register on their official website. To register, you will only need to provide your name and surname and an email address; To complete the registration it will only be necessary to enter a password. This is for the free plan; In the case of the payment plan, it will also be necessary to enter the Credit Card Number.

TiViFy: what it is and how to watch for free on SmartTV, PC and mobile phones

The prices of the different payment plans are:

  • TiViFy Plus: 3.99 euros per month

  • TiViFy Premium: 7.99 euros per month

  • Annual TiViFy Premium: 69.95 euros per year (savings of almost 30 euros)

Now you know all about TiViFy, the platform for SmartTV, mobile devices and web browsers with a large selection of channels and content, with different modes available (free and paid) and different differential options compared to the competition.

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