How to block spam calls

Do you receive too many spam or commercial calls on your mobile? We tell you how to block or silence this type of calls on iOS and Android smartphones

Let's see how to block spam calls and commercial, an activity by some companies that can become really annoying. To do this, we will focus on the native options of mobiles iOS and Android, since third-party apps dedicated to blocking calls are not highly recommended, since they directly affect the privacy of our calls. Do not miss how to block spam calls on your mobile.

3 ways to avoid spam calls

Spam calls: how to block on iOS and Android

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How to block spam calls on iOS

We start with iPhone mobiles (iOS), with which it is not possible to block spam calls nor unknown numbers, but the only thing that can be done is silence unknown numbers. Thanks to this native iOS option, spam calls can call you, but they will not ring or bother you. Follow the steps below to activate this method to silence spam calls:

  1. Accede to Settings of the iPhone.
  2. Click on the entry Phone.
  3. Scroll down to option Mute strangers and activate the option.
  4. It is also useful to activate the option Show caller ID.

How to block spam calls

From this moment on all unknown numbers will be silenced and they will not bother you; Only your contacts' numbers will ring normally.

How to block spam calls on Android

However, on Android yes it is possible to block spam numbers more effectively. To do this it will be necessary to have downloaded the Google Phone app; If you don't have it, just go to Google Play and download it. It is completely free and offers very interesting tools like the one in question. Follow the steps below to block spam calls on Android.

  1. Access the application Phone.
  2. Click on it menu icon located in the upper right corner of the screen in the shape of a three ellipses.
  3. A small menu will open; click on the option Settings, placed in second place.
  4. Now go to the section Assistance on top.
  5. Click on the option Caller ID and spam, the only one that appears.
  6. You will access a menu with three assistance options; activate all options.

How to block spam calls

The first and third options will allow you to see if the calling number Is it considered spam or not? and the second option will block calls considered spam.

You can too block specific phone numbers. For this we encourage you to visit our dedicated article to blocking annoying numbers.

How to block spam calls with apps

Finally, there is the option of resorting to Third-party apps that block spam or annoying calls for you, although we do not recommend this solution at all, although they can be useful if they are calling you insistently and do not stop. And this type of apps They are not recommended if what you want is to preserve your privacy and that of your contacts, since they track calls and work with sensitive information of their users.

Even so, if you see that they are bothering you more than necessary with spam calls, you can try some of these highly rated apps like TrueCaller either Call Blocker, available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Now you know how to block spam calls with your iOS and Android mobile, as well as some third-party app options that can help you not be bothered anymore.

How to block spam calls

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