How to send temporary photos on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application offers one of the most popular functions among its users: the possibility of sending photos that disappear after opening them

Let's see how to send temporary photos on WhatsApp, so that the images disappear after opening them. And far from seeming digital magic, WhatsApp has enabled a highly demanded function among its users, which is none other than the possibility of a photo deletes itself after opening it in a chat, either after opening it or when a few minutes or several hours pass. This is a feature available in instagram for a long time and it finally comes to WhatsApp. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to send temporary photos in WhatsApp, that is, messages that delete themselves.

WhatsApp: how to send temporary photos so that they disappear later

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What are photos that delete themselves?

In WhatsApp, as in any other instant messaging app, when you send an image, it remains sent and you can only delete it within the period of time that the app gives you to delete the message. Although if the contact or group you have sent the photo to has already seen it, it stays there, stored in the galleries of their phones; unless they have disabled download media files to save data and space.

Now, and thanks to this new functionality, we can choose which an image deletes itself after sending it, or choose to auto-delete after the period of time that we configure. Let's see how to get photos deleted after sending it.

WhatsApp: temporary photos

  1. Access the WhatsApp app and open a chat.
  2. In the bar to write the message, click on the camera icon to open the photo gallery on your mobile.
  3. Click on one (or more) images to choose them.
  4. You will see that in the bar to write a caption or message a “1” on the right side that didn't appear before. Click on said number.
  5. Doing so will activate the option so that the recipient can only see that photo once. The number chosen will be the number of times the recipient will be able to see the photo before it is deleted.
  6. When the recipient sees the photo, the image will be deleted of the conversation and you will not be able to open it again.

How to send temporary photos on WhatsApp

Considerations about photos that delete themselves on WhatsApp

  • When sending a temporary photo you are notified when the recipient has opened it.
  • Photos that can only be viewed once disappear after you close them.
  • When you turn off read receipts, the recipient will still see if you've opened the photo set for a single glance, but you won't be able to see when the recipient opens yours.
  • In groups, you can see when other participants open expiring photos, even if you've turned off read notifications.
  • Remember that the recipient can save the photo by clicking screenshots; In that case, WhatsApp will not notify you.
  • In groups you can see who has viewed an image that deletes itself.
  • The blocked contacts In common groups they will be able to see those photos even though they cannot call or send you messages.
  • Recipients who do not have one-time viewing enabled will be able to view the photo only once.

How to send temporary photos on WhatsApp

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