How to completely silence our Android smartphone

Do so many different sounds on your mobile bother you? Follow our advice to disable them

Current smartphones have multitude of tools with all kinds of utilities and countless applications at our disposal, as well as increasingly complete operating systems with cutting-edge interfaces, especially in their design. Although more and more, manufacturers insist on adding all kinds of effects, especially when it comes to sounds while using our mobile. Luckily, we can silence our smartphone Android to enable only the sounds that interest us.

How to mute touch and navigation sounds on Android

How to mute touch and navigation sounds

Couple achieve disable annoying touch keyboard and navigation sounds We just have to follow the following steps:

  • We go to Settings to the Sound and notifications option
  • Among the numerous options, we choose Other sounds
  • In this menu we can choose the sounds that we want to silence
  • We recommend leaving only the sound enabled when charging the battery

Keyboard sounds are the noises we hear when typing using the touch keyboard; maybe you want too disable vibration when typing to save battery. If we want to enjoy the silence of our smartphone, We recommend disabling the rest of the sound options in said menu.

How to Deactivate Sound and Vibration on HTC Android Cell Phone

In the case of iOS, the menu is totally different, although we can also silence the annoying noises of the touch keyboard through Settings – Sounds, in addition to other sounds such as the terminal locking sound.