WhatsApp Waiting for message: what it is and how to fix it

Find out what the Waiting for message error means. This can take up WhatsApp time, why it appears on your mobile and how to easily fix it

Let's see What is the WhatsApp error “Waiting for the message. “This may take time”, a message that sometimes appears in the place where a message from a conversation in such a popular app should appear. instant messaging. And there are many people who suddenly find themselves with a Error message like this, where the message should actually appear conventional. Therefore, we are going to explain to you what is this error and if you can do something to fix it; And although there is not much to do, you can try several things to try to avoid this error. WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: Waiting for message. This may take time

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What this WhatsApp error message means

The error Waiting for message. This may take time It's a setback in end to end encryption by WhatsApp. He end to end encryption of WhatsApp is a measure of security and privacy through which the messaging application encrypts each message with a password that is unlocked only when the other person receives it.

Thus, if a hacker intercepts a WhatsApp message, they will not be able to access it thanks to said encryption, all through a unique key that is generated automatically; In this way, WhatsApp messages They are sent with complete security and can only be accessed by users participating in the chat.

Well, when the error message appears in a chat Waiting for message. This may take time, means that the message in question has not been decrypted correctly and its content is blocked. This is due to some error in said protection and that even though the message has been exchanged between both WhatsApp users, its content cannot be displayed.

WhatsApp Waiting for message: what it is and how to fix it

One possible reason is that if you have reinstalled WhatsApp, the app may not detect that it is the same mobile phone, so the message is not decrypted correctly as a preventive measure. This happens because with each new installation the encryption key is changed and a different key may be detected.

It may also be that at use WhatsApp Web with the same account, the encryption changes on the mobile and does not match the login. Another reason may be because the other user has too long without connecting, so WhatsApp believes that the encryption key must be renewed; Until that happens, the messages may be blocked. Finally, it can also sometimes occur when use the beta version of WhatsApp and that some of the changes that have been applied in the trial version fail with message encryption.

Once we have reviewed the possible reasons why this error message is displayed, Is it possible to do something about it? Keep reading to find out.

How to fix this WhatsApp error message

We have already seen that this error can be caused by different reasons, so we can try several things to try to solve it. The first thing we must do is be patient and wait a few minutes in case the error message disappears to show the original message; WhatsApp may, for some reason, take longer than it should to decrypt the message, so we can wait a bit to see if it resolves itself. 

You can also ask the other person to reopen WhatsApp if you haven't connected for a long time. And if you have recently reinstalled WhatsApp, explain the situation and ask them to resend messages to see if they are deciphered correctly.

WhatsApp Waiting for message: what it is and how to fix it

The next step will be to ensure that we have the WhatsApp app updated to the latest version available in App Store for iPhone (iOS) and on Google Play for Android. To do this, access the official page of the WhatsApp application in the corresponding store on your mobile and check if it is available. updated to the latest version. If not, click on Install.

On the other hand, if you are in a beta version of WhatsApp, try to get out of it to see if this solves the error. To do this, access the options WhatsApp and go to the section linked devices. Now choose the multi-device beta version and click on Exit beta.

Finally, if all the above has failed, you can try make a backup of your WhatsApp messages and reinstall the WhatsApp app. When you install the application again, it will ask you if you want to recover any available backups. To do this, go to the settings WhatsApp – Chats – Backup. When the copy finishes loading you should be able to see the previously encrypted messages.

Now you know what is the error message Waiting message. This may take WhatsApp time and different solutions you can try to access those blocked messages.

WhatsApp Waiting for message: what it is and how to fix it

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