iPhone: How to refund my money from unwanted apps

We tell you how to recover the cost of an application if you want to return it

Accidental purchases are not uncommon on touch devices; and on many occasions, through numerous and rapid tactile touches and without realizing it, we can buy applications or perform unwanted microtransactions. It may even be the case that a user purchases an app or video game on the AppStore and that turns out to be a scam or an illegal version of known content, just as has happened on the iPhone with a illegal copy of the popular video game Cuphead, which was deleted by Manzana after being published by mistake in the AppStore and refunding the money to the affected users.

Refunding an app on iOS

In these cases, the user can always request the refund to get your money back if you have been scammed or if the purchased app does not meet your needs or expectations; And beyond the fact that each case is unique and with more or less possibilities of refund, we tell you how to recover your money through iPhone.

Refund for an app on iOS

If we have made a purchase of an unwanted application on iTunes, we must first open it at least once before making the claim to Apple. Thus, we will have to open the application and wait for it to load completely; Once done, we can continue.

Refunding an app on iOS

The next step is to visit the official websiteReport a problem" from Apple. After logging in with the Apple ID with which we have made the purchase, we must go to the Apps menu “Report a problem” of the application itself for which we want to obtain a refund. If it is still downloading we will have to wait for it to finish downloading; If it does not appear in our user profile, we will have to wait a few minutes.

Once we access it using the “Report a problem” button, we will be given several options to describe the problem with the app; We just have to select “I have purchased this application involuntarily” and write the corresponding details in the box below. After Accepting, Apple will refund the purchase after 5 and 7 business days.

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For a fast and efficient solution, We recommend notifying Apple of any problems as soon as possible. In certain applications or video games, if we use it longer than allowed for a possible refund, we will lose the option to get our money back. On the other hand, if we intend to recover the money for an app or video game purchased some time ago, we will have to resort to more personalized attention through Apple Help. Finally, the refund system does not support apps or video games given by other users.