iPhone Tricks: How to Fix App Download Errors

Follow our tips to correct app update or download problems on iOS

iOS is precisely one of the more intuitive and easy-to-use operating systems of how many exist today, with a clear and sober interface that leaves little room for possible doubts from users. Even so, there is the possibility that we encounter certain errors that can sometimes give us more than a headache. And one of the most common errors can be related to the AppStore and downloading and updating applications or apps; so much so, and without knowing very well the reason, we may find ourselves with an application that does not install or simply does not want to update no matter how hard we try. Therefore, we offer you a series of tips to solve possible app installation or update errors in iPhone and iPad.

Checking the network and our Apple ID

This is the first and most obvious step. And to carry out any download or update operation we must be connected to a mobile network or WiFi connection; However, sometimes the connection may present problems so we must make sure that everything works correctly. Thus, since Settings – iTunes and AppStore We can check the option “Use mobile data”. Additionally, on that same screen we can make sure that we have logged in with our Apple ID. On the other hand, if we are connected via WiFi, we must ensure that there are no setbacks in this regard.

How to fix app download errors on iPhone

Close and log in to the AppStore

If we continue having problems we can try close our session in the AppStore and log in again. To do this, we just have to go to Settings – iTunes and AppStore – Apple ID – Sign out. To log in we just have to click on Apple ID and enter our data. Many times with this simple step we can solve problems with our profile and apps.

Checking free space on the device

Sometimes we can run out of free space on our device without realizing it, so apps may not update correctly or simply run out of free space for installation. And it is that We must always have a minimum of free space in the storage memory to allow correct management of the apps. We can check the free space from Settings – General – iPhone/iPad Storage. If we do not have space we will have to delete applications or multimedia content.

How to fix app download errors on iPhone

Restart device and update to the latest version of iOS

We can always try restart our iPhone or iPad to see if this solves the problems with applications; Depending on the model, we will have to follow some steps or others. If this does not solve the problems, we must check if our device is updated to the latest version of iOS.

Active restrictions

We may have the option “Restrictions” activated without knowing it, so we will have to check if these restrictions are active or not. We will only have to go to Settings – General – Restrictions and see its status; If it is activated, the system will not allow apps to be installed until we deactivate it.

Delete the app and install it again

In the event that an application is not updated, we can always uninstall it and try to install it again, since it will do so to the latest available version of it. To do this we just have to hold down the app icon and click on the cross to delete or through Settings.

Clear AppStore cache

We can also try clear AppStore cache of our device. To do this we just have to Press any button on the bottom bar ten times in a row of the same so that the native application of the device is restarted.

Restore the device to its factory state

If the problems persist, we can opt for the most aggressive solution, which is return our iPhone or iPad to its factory state. This will restore all its elements while deleting all its contents. Then we must update to the latest version of iOS without recovering any backup; All that remains is to introduce our Apple ID and try to install the application or applications that were giving us problems.

How to fix app download errors on iPhone

Apple Support

The last option available to us. And if none of the previous solutions have worked for us, we will have to get in touch. contact with the service apple support for the company to manage our problem, probably with a repair or replacement of the device.