Tutorial: How to configure your new iPhone step by step

Follow our guide to set up your new Apple smartphone from the start

Have you purchased a new iPhone? Have they given you the latest model of the famous smartphone from Manzana? Be that as it may, you are now ready to take full advantage of one of the most powerful and versatile terminals on the market, although first we must configure the system to start using it as our personal mobile. And if we recently offered you a guide to configure your new Android smartphone, now is the time to do the same with iOS and its different iPhone models, since they share the same configuration methodology between them. Next, all the steps to configure our new iPhone from scratch.

Set up iPhone or iPad with fast startup in iOS 11

iPhone Auto Setup

iOS 11 It uses a very practical tool that will save us a lot of work if we come from another Apple smartphone. Yes indeed, Our previous iPhone must also be updated to the latest version of iOS. Thus, and through Automatic configuration, we can transfer all the data from our previous smartphone to the new one and it will allow us to activate our services. iCloud, iMessage either FaceTime, among others, automatically. To do this we just have to have both terminals next to each other and follow the steps shown on the screen. After pressing Continue, we can only scan the code that will appear on the old iPhone with the camera of the new one.

How to set up your new iPhone step by step

Manual iPhone setup

The latest iPhone models already arrive with iOS 11 installed from the factory, which will allow us to resort to a More specific manual configuration than in previous models; Thus, and after a few steps, we can start using our iPhone.

Thus, and through two general options, we can recover the configuration of our previous terminal or configure the system from scratch after choosing our country or region. The main elements that we recommend activating will be those referring to Wifi, Search my Iphone, Location settings and Analytics to send diagnostics to Apple. Now, follow the following steps to continue setting up your new iPhone:

  • Apple ID. This is our Apple user profile; We can use ours or create a new one. To do this we must enter our email and a password.

How to set up your new iPhone step by step

  • iCloud. This is an essential service in our daily lives, the Apple cloud. We must log in with our Apple ID to synchronize data, files, passwords...
  • Face ID either Touch ID. Two essential security methods to protect our iPhone, either through Face ID, through our face, or Touch ID, through our fingerprint. We can also access the security settings through Settings – Touch ID/Face ID.

How to set up your new iPhone step by step

  • Photo library. A service that will allow us to save a backup copy of our photos and videos in the cloud. Later we can access its settings through Settings – Photos – iCloud Photo Library.
  • Email. It will be very useful to access our email account to integrate the service into the iPhone's Mail manager. Later we can change the settings through Settings – Accounts and passwords.