Samsung Galaxy: How to enable Easy Mode on our smartphone

Follow our step-by-step guide to make the interface of your Android mobile much easier

Smartphones based on the operating system Android Like the Samsung galaxyThey generally present a increasingly complex interface and with a multitude of options and tools, an aspect that for many unaccustomed or older users can become a real setback when it comes to taking advantage. Thus, and from the main launcher, we can access the most important icons, as well as customize the screen with different widgets of our choice, either aesthetically or with utilities.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S6 Easy Mode

Even so, for many users it can become quite an odyssey to find certain applications among so many installed programs or a simple icon due to a change in design or position due to a new update. Google Play It has a multitude of launchers or desktops specially designed to simplify the interface, although in this case we still depend on third parties. Fortunately, The Samsung Galaxy have an Easy Mode that allows us to view only the most basic functions as a main menu, which allows any user to use the smartphone without any problem.

Thus, Easy Mode only shows time and temperature of our area as general information, while the rest of the screen shows large icons as shortcuts to the main functions, such as calls, camera, image gallery, browser... The rest of the installed apps and programs will be relegated to the background and even allows us to configure a second main page with contacts those we call most often, also as good-sized icons, so that we don't have to search for them in the phonebook or call list. Below we offer you all the steps to activate Easy Mode.

How to enable Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy

How to enable Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy

If we intend to enable Easy Mode on a new smartphone, it is most likely that in some step of the initial configuration we will be asked if we want to enable this function. If this is the case, we will only have to accept and The operating system will start in said mode.

On the other hand, if we already have a smartphone started in Standard Mode and we want to activate Easy Mode, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. We must go to Terminal Settings.
  2. Look for the Easy Mode entry and access it.
  3. Once inside we can choose between several active icons on the main screen.
  4. When we have the configuration ready we will only have to Accept.
  5. *We can also access Easy Mode or Home Screen Mode through the quick menu displayed at the top of the screen in Settings.

How to enable Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy

How to return to Standard Mode on Samsung Galaxy

If we have Easy Mode enabled and we want to return to Standard Mode or the default appearance of the smartphone with all its functions and features, just We must follow the previous steps and enable Standard Mode through the same Easy Mode or Screen Mode menu. Thus, we will return to the default configuration with the most complete launcher of its corresponding Android version.