How to listen to WhatsApp audios x2

If you receive many voice messages on WhatsApp and you don't have time to listen to them all, we offer you the key to play them at double speed

Let's see how to listen to WhatsApp audios x2, Or what is the same, at double speed. And if you receive many voice messages on your mobile through the popular messaging app instant and you don't have time to listen to them all, below we offer you the solution so that you can listen to them at double speed, saving time and receiving the information without any problem. So much so, that the audios of WhatsApp have become a very common resource among their users, allowing them to send messages much faster and more comfortable without having to be typing on the screen. But if you receive too many voice messages it can also be a nuisance. Don't worry, keep reading to find out how to speed up WhatsApp voice messages at double speed.

WhatsApp: how to listen to audios at double speed

Until not long ago, WhatsApp did not allow you to speed up audio messages natively, so we had to listen to them at normal speed or trust in some third party application to speed them up. Now, the WhatsApp app already allows you to speed up voice messages on its own; Here we show you how to do it.

So much so, that if upon receiving a voice note the 1X symbol It means that you can now access the functionality to speed up the audios. Don't hesitate to use this tool to streamline endless voice memos that many users send.

Speeding up audio messages is very simple; Remember that this is a functionality that allows increase playback speed of the voice notes, not the recording one, since we will continue recording the messages through the microphone, but things will change when we listen to them.

This is how you can change the speed of WhatsApp audios

When you receive an audio message from WhatsApp you will see that a small icon about it. By default a 1X, which means normal playback speed. Now, if you click on that same icon it will change to 1.5X (playback speed between normal and double) and if you press it again it will change to 2X, which means that will increase your speed by double.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios x2

Thanks to these three playback modes you can switch between listening to the audio notes normal speed (1X), a faster 50% (1.5X) and double speed (2X). But in addition, the playback speed of WhatsApp audio notes maintain the chosen speed by the user, so if you choose a certain playback speed, it will be maintained for the following audios. And if you want to return to normal playback speed you will only have to press the button until you recover the 1X standard.

Now you know how to change the playback speed of WhatsApp audios, so you can choose at what speed you want to listen to the voice messages sent to you by your contacts and save time with speeds greater than 1X.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios x2

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