Destiny 2 Guide – Level Up

In this section we show you how level and power work in Destiny 2 and all the ways we can get Legendary and Exotic engrams.

Join the Vanguard and help retake the City and save the Traveler from the ruthless Dominus Ghaul of the Cabal Red Legion. Prepare for battle with our guide and master all aspects of Destiny 2.


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  Activities and Exploits  


Complete the Campaign (level 1 to 20)

Destiny 2 - Ghaul Story

The first thing we should do focus in Destiny 2 it is to finish Campaign Mode as soon as possible, to unlock all the activities and secondary missions that we can do. At first, Destiny 2's level system is focused on leveling up from 1 to 20, by increasing experience by completing missions and eliminating enemies.

Every time we go up a level they will give us an improvement point to assign to our skill tree of the subclass to which we belong. By completing the campaign mode we unlock the hummingbird to be able to move more quickly through the game's maps.

Level 20 (Power 200 to 300)

Destiny 2 - Power and Light

Once we have completed the campaign, we will probably already we have reached level 20 which is the maximum in terms of levels, here as was already the case in Destiny 1, we have to accumulate Power/Light by equipping weapons and equipment. As we get better equipment we will increase our light level, which will be an average of the value of all our equipment.

Destiny 2 - EMD Engram

So to do this we have to complete a lot of tasks, for example in Each planet we have a character to increase reputation and receive Legend engrams (the purple ones) for this we have to collect tokens from that planet, completing Public Events, Adventures, Lost Sectors. Every time we raise the reputation with a member we secure a pair of Legendary equipment. It should be noted that the rewards of all NPCS are usually equated to our current equipment, that is, every time we increase our reputation with the different characters, the Legendary engram that we receive is in accordance with our level, we can check the level of the engram by standing on top of it. before purchasing it and Consult the possible rewards pressing Y/Triangle.

Destiny 2 - Bhansee-44 Armorer

By continually replacing the equipment with other with greater value, everything the equipment that we are dismantling gives us materials for the Armorer that we can deliver to Banshee in the Tower to receive Legend engrams increasing reputation.

The missions of Cayde-6 Patrol They will also provide us with good rewards and reputation to obtain Legend engrams. Once we have completed the first Cayde-6 Patrol mission and after completing the feat of completing 3 Patrol missions, the Event Feats will be unlocked, "Critical Point" that are weekly.

Ikora and her challenges, in addition to the Campaign missions that we can repeat by talking to her in the Tower, will also help us receive good rewards.

We must take into account the Assaults, not only the normal Assaults that we unlock with Zavala after completing the main story missions in IO, but also the Nightfall Raids that we unlock when we reach level 230 and that we can only complete once a week but we will get good rewards.

The Crucible It's another place to get good equipment by completing the weekly event and earning reputation with Lord ShaxxIf we stand out especially in the rounds, we increase the chances of being given better rewards.

Destiny 2 Special Missions

Another important detail is that once we have completed Campaign mode on every planet A special mission is unlocked with the symbol in Blue They provide us as a reward with an Exceptional engram (yellow) which is the best we can obtain, thanks to these engrams we will increase our level.

The raid or the Raid It is the best place to get great rewards, but we cannot access it until you have level 260 and it is advisable to have a little more level to be able to overcome it without it being hell, so we will have to do all the other tasks until we have enough level to overcome it.

Infuse Weapons and Equipment

Destiny 2 - Infuse Weapons

This feature is completely new in Destiny 2, there may be a weapon or a piece of armor that we love and we don't want to get rid of it, now we can increase the level of a weapon or a piece of equipment using other weapons or equipment.

If we go into the details of any weapon or equipment we will see that At the bottom left there is a symbol that when placed on it says infuse. We have to have a weapon of that type or a piece of equipment of the same type but with a higher value and if we meet these conditions we can infuse the weapon/equipment of the highest grade into ours and thus increase its power by destroying the piece. It is important Note that Legend Shards are required to infuse weapons/equipment. that we can acquire as rewards with NPCS or by disassembling Legendary or Exotic equipment.


Destiny 2 - Xur Agent of the 9

The famous agent of the 9 returns in Destiny 2, but this time we can also locate him on the planets and again brings an Exotic weapon and an Exotic armor piece for each of the 3 classes. 

This time there are no rare coins, lPurchases from Xur are made through fragments of legend, so you will have to dismantle purple/yellow weapons/equipment to have a good handful of them and be able to buy Xur. This character appears on weekends from Fridays at 11:00 in the morning until Sunday at 11:00.