Destiny 2 Guide – Weekly Activities and Feats

Learn about all the activities we can do in Destiny 2 to get rewards and the feats that reset weekly

Join the Vanguard and help retake the City and save the Traveler from the ruthless Dominus Ghaul of the Cabal Red Legion. Prepare for battle with our guide and master all aspects of Destiny 2.


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Planets and Characters    


Region Chests

Destiny 2 - Region ChestsThese chests are marked on the map, we simply have to get to them and open them to receive the reward. Once the ahyamos have been collected they will no longer come out, all region chests are gold in color and are marked on the map with the symbol of a cross.

Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 - Lost Sectors

These Sectors are scattered around the Map, when we see their symbol (they are marked) we have to access the area, looking for an entrance to the Lost Sector, normally the entrance is usually close to the symbol and it is easy to find them, although there are some more hidden. In each and every one of them, we will have to defeat a horde of enemies and a Boss that allows us to access the reward, but we will not be able to open the chest without having defeated the main enemy and obtained its key.


Destiny 2 - Adventures

The Adventures are missions that we unlock as we progress through the Story Mode of Destiny 2. They are marked on the map with an orange sword symbol and provide new information to the story, in each of them we can see the recommended power for overcome them. Once we have completed them all on a planet, we can repeat them again by talking to the NPC of that planet.


Destiny 2 - Patrols

After meeting Cayde-6 the first time in the Village, access to the Patrols is unlocked. First, we must complete a mission to activate them and when we have done so, these activities will be unlocked on each of the planets. The Patrols are divided into several types, although they are very short and easy to complete, they are about collecting materials, eliminating enemies, scanning a marked area, etc. By completing them we receive Coins from that planet to increase reputation.


Destiny 2 - Heroic Event

The Events are activities that we can complete on each of the 4 planets, they are divided into 8 different types and each one starts at a predetermined location on each planet, although not all of us can play them on each planet. In each one we will have to fulfill some objectives before the time runs out to receive the reward. Additionally, by completing certain objectives we can activate the Heroic Mode, where apart from having an extra objective we will obtain more rewards when completing it.

Press here to see a description of the 8 types of Events as well as how to activate their Heroic Mode.


Destiny 2 - Earth Challenges

We activate the challenges once we speak with Ikora Rey in the Villa after convincing her to meet with Zavala, by pressing the "Select" or "Back" button we will see the active challenges for that location. All planets have challenges, as do Strikes, Sunset Strikes, and Ikora's meditations.

As we complete challenges we will earn tokens from each planet and they will regenerate. They can be of many types, eliminate a number of enemies, open region chests, complete Lost Sectors in a certain area, complete Patrols, etc.

Extra Missions

Destiny 2 - Extra Missions

Once Let's complete the Story of Destiny 2, a special mission marked in blue with a crown symbol is activated on each of the planets. By completing them we get exceptional equipment.

Missions :

  • Alert on Earth.
  • The Enemy of my Enemy on Titan.
  • Black Exodus on Nessus.
  • Dynasty on IO.

Some of these missions such as The Enemy of my Enemy or Black Exodus give us an item in which we must meet certain objectives to unlock the final reward.


Destiny 2 - Ikora's Meditations

We unlock the Meditations once we complete the Story Mode, in the Tower we can visit Ikora Rey to replay story missions, but with a much higher difficulty. We have 3 each week and they restart on Tuesdays, completing them we will receive rewards from Ikora.


Destiny 2 - Factions

The factions were added after the second week of Destiny 2, in the tower we can find the 3 leaders of the factions, "Furuta War Sect", "Dead Orbit" and "New Monarchy", we can only join one of these 3 factions by character and we cannot change, we obtain tokens to redeem in the selected faction by completing Events, playing the Crucible, performing Raids and Nightfall Raids and in the Raid.

Here we leave you a video with the analysis of each faction and which one is better to choose.



Critical point

Destiny 2 - Critical Point

To access this Feat, we have to complete the first mission to activate the Cayde-6 Patrols and then complete 3 of them to activate the "Critical Point". It consists of a weekly feat of completing Events on a planet, as we complete them the percentage of the feat will increase and we will receive a Cayde-6 reward upon completing it. Every Tuesday it restarts.

Clan Experience

Destiny 2 - Clan

It is important to join a clan as soon as possible, by doing so we activate these rewards, for the achievements of our clan in different sections, Nightfall, Crucible, Raid, etc., each week we have maximum points that we can contribute to the clan, each time we are notified Since we have a clan reward we must go talk to Suraya in the Tower to receive it.


Destiny 2 - Raids

We unlock the assaults once we meet with Zavala in the Villa, they must always be played between 3 players, whether from a created squad or with random players. Upon completing them we receive Vanguard tokens to deliver to Zavala and receive rewards by increasing reputation.

In total there are 5 Assaults available and when accessing them, we will enter one randomly.

  • Assault "The Arms Smuggler"
  • Assault "Song of Savathun"
  • Assault "Inverted Spire"
  • Assault "Sinister of the Exodus"
  • Assault "The Pyramidion"

Nightfall Assault

Destiny 2 Nightfall Strikes

The Dusk Raids are the same as the normal 5 Raids but with some difference, the Dusk is a weekly feat, so every Tuesday the Dusk Raid changes, we will only receive rewards the first time we complete it that week. In the Nightfall Assaults we are not paired with random players, we must form a squad with friends and it is not necessary to be 3 to play, we can even play alone. The Nightfall Assaults are more difficult versions and also have modifiers such as giving us time, more enemy damage, time to complete it, etc. It is important to complete the Nightfall since it is one of the activities that gives us the best rewards. We can also play it in two different ways, the normal one that requires a minimum level of 240 and another extra one for players with level 300.


Destiny 2 - Raid Unlock

The Raid is without a doubt the most complicated activity that we can do in Destiny 2, in this mode we can play up to 6 players and the rewards are the best in the entire game, but we need level 260 and have a team to be able to play it since without Knowing all its points very well and having played it several times, it will be very difficult to overcome it without a well-trained team that is clear about the steps to overcome all the sections.

Here we leave you a video with the complete Raid since we are going to face it during its development.

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