Destiny 2 Guide – Events and Heroic Events

Learn about all the types of Events in Destiny 2 and how to activate Heroic mode in each of them

Join the Vanguard and help retake the City and save the Traveler from the ruthless Dominus Ghaul of the Cabal Red Legion. Prepare for battle with our guide and master all aspects of Destiny 2.


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Destiny 2 - Events Map

Events are activities that arise on each of the 4 planets, in Destiny 1 you had to make a good plan to know where they appeared, this has changed a lot in Destiny 2, now the Events jump much more frequently and are also marked on the map before starting, indicating the time left until it begins , so we will only have to locate them and be attentive to arrive, we will see a flag in the ' area to join the Event and when doing so we will see a countdown until it begins, although we will also join if we arrive once it has started. In the Events we get Planet Symbols where we are playing to raise the Reputation with the NPC in question and some random reward.

It is also important know that each Event can become a Heroic Event If we meet certain requirements, we leave you a list with the 8 available Events and how to convert them into Heroic Events where we will get better rewards.

Lumen Extraction

Destiny 2 - Lumen Extraction Event

In this Event the Fallen bring drills and we must repel extraction teams, 3 times (they are moving and we have to follow them) you have to notice that At each drilling site there are also a couple of generators and if we destroy them in each of the drilling areas, We will activate Heroic mode of the event.

Destroy the Arsenal Walker

Destiny 2 - Destroy the Walker Event

Fallen spider tanks return in Destiny 2. The standard procedure is to shoot its legs until it collapses, exposing the critical point behind its neck. As you do this, drop some arc charged spheres. If we take them and put them in the nearby capsules we get a weapon. Doing it in the three capsules a second Walker will appear activating the Heroic version of this event.

Ether Replenishment

Destiny 2 - Aether Replenishment Event

In this Event we have to remove a Servant enormous. It's pretty simple, but it will summon smaller Servants, who will occasionally protect it. The best reason for destroy the small Servants is to activate the Heroic mode- There are several waves of transporters and you will have about 30 seconds to kill them before they leave. If we succeed, the Servant will go crazy and you will receive a notification that Heroic mode has started. 

Drilling equipment

Destiny 2 - Drill Team Event

In this Event we have to kill three Psionics inside a shield generated by the drillWhen the radar indicates it, you must leave the shield to avoid the deadly bombardment. Taking one down will cause the injection platform to vent harmful vapor. If we look The drilling machine has 3 ventilation systems (orange slits) one above, one in the middle and one below, if we manage destroy the 3 slits we will activate Heroic mode of the Event where we will face the Valus Excavators.

Witch Ritual

Destiny 2 - Witch Ritual Event

This event only happens on Titan. Two Hive Mages are trying to open a portal, and each has a circle of light that you'll need to capture to lower their shields. After killing them, a third Witch will appear. By killing all the enemies we will complete the Event.

To activate Heroic Mode in this EventWhen the third Witch leaves, we will see the door through which the enemies leave, 2 crystals with a shield that we must break (they are right on the pillars of the door) and we must shoot from within the circles to break them and activate Heroic Mode. By doing so, a Boss will appear and we must kill him to complete it and receive our reward.

Cabal Excavation

Destiny 2 - Cabal Excavation Event

This Event consists of manipulating the extraction module for which you simply have to capture the area, that is, hold the position and raise the bar. If we look we will see a Crusher (the red ships that we saw during the campaign), if we destroy it We will activate Heroic mode, it usually comes a couple of times before disappearing so be careful. After activating Heroic mode, a Centurion will appear and we must kill him.

Disrupt Vex construction

Destiny 2 - Event Disrupts Vex Construction

In this Event we have to prevent the Vex from reaching the confluence and transported, interrupting its underground construction. From the confluence we can follow its trail to some rings that we have to capture, if we do it in the 3 rings we activate in Heroic Event mode.

Plague of the Taken

Destiny 2 - Plague of the Taken Event

In this event a large black ball appears known as the Plague, apart the black sphere creates pillars of energy from where they come out possessed, we can enter inside the balls and destroy the nodule above. Every time we destroy the pillars the sphere changes position, in total there are 3 positions, in the first it creates 1 pillar, in the second 2 and in the third 3.

To activate Heroic mode We simply have to kill the pillars as quickly as possible, above all we have to work hard in the last position and destroy the 3 pillars in record time. This Event requires several characters focused on the pillars to activate the Heroic mode, when doing so it will appear a boss and after defeating him we will receive our reward.