Resident Evil Cheats: Code Veronica for DC, GC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

All the cheats, secrets and unlockables for Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Discover all the secrets and help Claire, Steve and Chris in Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Unlock Infinite Missile Launcher  

Finish the game with rank A. To finish the game with rank A: You should never save the game, you should finish the game in one go and you should not use any cures.. You also have to give the anti-venom to Rodrigo at the start of the game and you have to save Steve quickly when he grabs the golden guns on the first disc. Finally you must Finish the game in less than four hours 30 minutes.  

First person battle mode  

Finish the game on any difficulty and with any rank.

Unlock Albert Wesker in Battle Mode

Finish Battle Mode with Chris Redfield.  

Unlock Steve in Battle Mode  

You have to solve a puzzle in the main game. In the basement safekeeping room with Chris, solve the puzzle in the corner drawer and take the Golden Luger to unlock Steve Burnside.  

Play with Claire 2 in Battle mode 

Finish Battle Mode with the original Claire.   

Unlock Linear Launcher in Battle Mode

Obtain an A rank with both Claire, Steve, Chris and Wesker in Battle Mode. It will automatically appear in the inventory in the next game.   

Infinite healing items  

With this glitch (glitch/bug) you can have first aid sprays, green herbs, mixed herbs or any healing item you want, but... infinite.    

-The first thing is to make sure do not read the instruction book that you get at the beginning of the game.

-Pick up any gun (except knife).

-Now collect any healing item you want to take advantage of the glitch. The next thing will be to organize your inventory in the following order:  

-Game manual -Your gun -Your healing item.  

Equip your gun and read the manual, but read it from the file screen, don't inspect it. If you did it right, you will have your healing item equipped. In that case, exit the inventory screen and fire your weapon. Then use the healing item and it should not disappear no matter how many times you use it, even if you put it in storage. Just be careful not to mix it, because it would lose its infinite property.


  • The Arrogant Queen – End the reign of the queen.
  • The Green Giant – Say goodbye to your fallen companion.
  • To the frozen land – Start the search for your sister.
  • The prisoner who lost everything – End his suffering from the nameless man.
  • The Fallen Tyrant – Destroy an unstoppable enemy.
  • Beyond the shadows – Find the former captain of the STARS
  • Duty and Humanity – Bring medicine to a man in need.
  • A changed father – Release the changed man.
  • Of the young lady – Let a certain young woman encourage you.
  • The Terror Begins – Escape from the cemetery of terror.
  • Gun Crazy – Get the Rocket Launcher.
  • Battle Master – Get the Length Launcher in Battle mode.

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