Windows 11: how to schedule automatic shutdown step by step

Do you want to set a schedule when your Windows 11-based computer turns off automatically? With our tutorial you can do it quickly and easily.

Let's see how to configure Windows 11 automatic shutdown, so you can decide what time your computer based on the new operating system from Microsoft to turn off on its own. And it is that Windows 11 does not offer a native option to program its automatic shutdown, so below we offer you a specific tool to be able to automate various actions, among them, the auto power off of the system.

How to Shut Down Windows 11 Automatically I Solution 2023

Automatic shutdown in Windows 11: how to schedule it

Thanks to this tool you will be able configure automatic shutdown Windows 11 the way you want, choosing any time of the day (both day and night) and even the days of the week you consider, for weeks or months. And although the configuration can be somewhat cumbersome, thanks to our tutorial we will teach you how to do it easily step by step.

Windows 11: how to schedule automatic shutdown step by step

How to schedule Windows 11 automatic shutdown

Follow the steps below to schedule automatic shutdown of Windows 11:

  1. The first step is to open the Start Menu of Windows 11.
  2. Now start writing the word Programmer so that Windows shows suggestions for apps related to that word.
  3. Now click on the application Task scheduler to access the tool.
  4. The application will open Task scheduler; Now click on the option Create basic task to start programming the automatic shutdown.
  5. A window will open that will guide us through the different programming steps through the button Following; The first thing you have to do is give the task a name and description like Auto power off.
  6. The next step is to choose when you want the task to repeat, that is, automatic shutdown; Choose the periods you want it to turn off automatically, whether Daily, just once, once a week or once a month. Whatever you consider.
  7. In the next step you can choose the time to which you want the computer to turn off automatically, as well as the date, the days you want the action to be repeated, etc.
  8. Now you will have to determine the action that you want the computer to do at those times that you have programmed; choose the option Start program and press Following.
  9. Now you will have to choose the program you want to run, or in other words, shut down Windows itself. Click on Examine to open the Windows Explorer and search for the program.
  10. When file explorer opens navigate to the address C:WindowsSystem32. Copy and paste that address into the top bar of the file explorer.
  11. Once inside, double click on the application shutdown.exe to select it.
  12. You will return to the previous screen with everything configured; make sure it appears in the bar C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe. Click on Following to confirm.
  13. You will reach the last confirmation step so you can check that everything is correct; click on Finish to finish configuring Windows 11 automatic shutdown.

Now you know how to configure Windows 11 automatic shutdown. From this moment and as long as you keep this tool active, your Windows 11-based PC will automatically turn off at the times you have determined.

Windows 11: how to schedule automatic shutdown step by step

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