How to record screen in Windows 11

The best tricks to record the screen in Windows 11 without installing anything: easy and fast

Let's see how to record screen in Windows 11, simple and direct, without the need for programs or installing anything. And with the arrival of new operating system of Microsoft For computers, new doubts appear about how to do one thing or another. And one of the most useful tools is screen recording; To do this we will use native Windows tools, so it will not be necessary to install or download anything. You will only have to press a certain key combination to bring up a bar where you can add different widgets, including the option to record screen. Do not miss how to record screen on Windows 11 without installing anything: fast and easy.

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Windows 11: how to record the screen without installing anything

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Uses and limits of Windows 11 native recording

So, if you want to record the Windows 11 screen without the need to install anything or resort to third-party solutions, you will just have to use the native function Xbox Game Bar, a tool inherited from Windows 10 and that gives great results for the screenshot and recording. Of course, it offers some limitations, since you will not be able to record the screen on the desktop or file explorer, but you can do it in any application you use in Windows, as well as in the browser or video game.

Record Windows 11 screen step by step

Follow the steps below to record screen in Windows 11 natively through the Xbox Game Bar:

  1. The first step is to use the key combination Windows + G to open the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11.
  2. A bar with options will open at the top of the screen, the Xbox Game Bar, along with other additional windows on the sides as widgets.
  3. Now click on the option with the camera icon on the top bar to open the capture bar.
  4. The window will open Capture with several options such as screenshot in image, recording or the option to activate or deactivate the microphone in case you want to speak or not in the screen recording.
  5. To start screen recording you just have to click on the recording icon with the characteristic dot icon in the middle; You can also activate screen recording via key combination Windows + Alt + R.
  6. When you start recording, a overlay window which will indicate that video is currently being recorded, although said frame will not appear in the recording; It is only a visual indication. The recording time and the basic controls for the recording itself will appear in this indicator.
  7. Click on the icon Stop to stop screen recording whenever you want.

How to record screen in Windows 11

Now you know how to record Windows 11 screen on video with all the options offered by Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar, a tool integrated into Microsoft's own operating system.

How to record screen in Windows 11

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