How to register my phone in the DGT

If you register your phone with the DGT you will be able to access services such as the MiDGT app, very useful in dealings with the administration. We tell you how to register

Let's see how to register my phone in the DGT, or what is the same, the General direction of traffic, so that you can access certain very useful telematic services such as app MyDGT. And many regular drivers would like to register their telephone number in the DGT to access all these facilities and tools, but they don't know how to do it or where to go. Below we are going to provide you with all the keys so you can register your phone with the DGT, online and from the comfort of your home.

DGT: how to register phone number

As we say, by registering the telephone number with the DGT, you obtain permission to subscribe to various services of said organization, such as the MiDGT app.

To register the telephone number in the DGT it is necessary access the electronic headquarters from the DGT through some of the following identification methods:

Once identified at the DGT headquarters, we must go to Contact details and subscriptions; there we will see the option Edit. By clicking on this option we can now enter our phone number or email to subscribe to any of the services which we indicate below:

  • Telematic vehicle report (INTV)
  • Edictal Board of Traffic Sanctions (TESTRA)
  • MiDGT App
  • Electronic record
  • Registry of powers (REA)
  • Electronic headquarters
  • Tax payment
  • Electronic notifications and Road Electronic Address (DEV)

How to register my phone in the DGT

And if we do not register our telephone number with the DGT, at access the mobile application with personal data from the DGT:

“By accessing with personal data you will have limited access to certain functionalities. It is necessary to have your contact telephone number registered with DGT to be able to send you an SMS with the access PIN. If you do not have it, you can register it at the DGT electronic headquarters by checking the App miDGT box in the list of services to which you subscribe.”

It is because of that We recommend entering our telephone number in the DGT to enjoy all the advantages described above and enjoy a complete user experience, with all the options at our disposal.

Now you know how to enter or register your phone number in the DGT and the telematic services that you can access thanks to it.

How to register my phone in the DGT

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