Android Tricks: How to know if your smartphone has FM radio

Follow our advice to know if your Android mobile has FM radio or not. The radio integrated into smartphones is increasingly forgotten, why is this happening?

Let's see how to know if our cell phone has FM radio integrated. And it is that the FM Radio in our smartphones Android It is an application that little by little is disappearing or losing prominence; And years ago it was an almost mandatory option on any mobile phone and was easily accessible. All you had to do was connect the headphones as an antenna and open the corresponding native application. Currently, unfortunately, the reality is very different. And even though our terminals probably have the hardware that allows you to enjoy the radio natively, are capped for this purpose, that is, they have the FM radio option disabled. How can we know if our Android smartphone do you have a radio? Follow our tips to find out.

Why doesn't your phone HAVE FM RADIO?

How to know if your cell phone has FM radio

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Find the Radio app

This is the first and most obvious step: search on our mobile if the FM Radio application exists. Depending on the brand and model, it is possible that even your most modern models appear with the corresponding Radio application. To do this we must go to smartphone application menu or enter the word “radio” in the search engine.

If we find it in our terminal, problem solved. We can now connect the headphones to the mobile phone and enjoy the radio as if it were a radio device, without data connection or internet involved. Of course, if we do not find the application in this way, we must try the second step.

If we perform a search with “FM Radio” in Google Play We will see that there are many applications that are nothing more than specific stations by streaming, that is, they need the connection data of our terminal to function. Even so, we can always look for an application called NextRadio which will allow us to use the cell phone's own radio chip for this purpose, although The list of compatible devices is not very extensive. If our terminal is among them, problem solved.

How to know if your smartphone has FM radio

System diagnostics

Day by day, Nor do the manufacturers themselves offer information about whether their devices have FM Radio or not.; although we can always make a System diagnostics on our smartphone. To do this we must follow well-differentiated steps depending on the manufacturer; Below we leave you with the most common methods among the main mobile brands:

  • Samsung: we must write *#0*# in the phone application and press call.
  • sony: We must write *#*#7378423#*#* in the phone application.
  • htc: we must write *#*#3424#*#* in the phone application.
  • Xiaomi: we must write *#*#64844#*#* in the phone application.
  • asus: we must write .12345= in the Calculator application.

It will then be when we must review the diagnostic results to check if our terminal really has the FM Radio chip enabled or if it has been disabled and the possible solutions. It is possible that in some cases you need headphones as an antenna but the headphone jack is not connected to the chip. Other times it will have its own internal antenna.

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