Apple Watch 4 tricks that you didn't know

The lesser-known Apple Watch tricks that you can't miss

He Apple Watch, the smart watch from the creators of the iPhone, little by little it is gaining new users with its different versions that are reaching the market, until reaching the current one Apple Watch Series 4. But beyond the most everyday uses of wearables fashion and its compatibility with the different models of iOS mobiles, the Apple Watch They hide a series of tricks that you probably didn't know but that can be very useful on a daily basis. Therefore, below we offer you the best Apple Watch 4 tricks that you probably didn't know and you can't miss it.

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The best hidden tricks of the Apple Watch 4

Don't miss the best tricks and utilities most curious things about your Apple Watch; How many of them did you not know?

Navigate with the digital crown

Do you want to jump between applications quickly and easily? Press the digital crown twice in succession on your Apple Watch to switch between currently open apps and quickly navigate through them.

Animate the screen with GIF

We can install GIF animation apps like GIPHY to animate our screen every time we look at the time. For it install this app from iTunes and save the GIFS you like the most in your photo library. Now, through the app Photos, select the GIF you want to use and press Edit; Finally, configure this image as a sphere on the Apple Watch.

Capture the screen of your Apple Watch

Do you want to capture the screen of your Apple Watch? It is very simple. For it press the digital crown and the side button of the Apple Watch at the same time and you can save an image of your screen. Before you have to activate this option through Settings – General – Activate screenshots.

Recover your lost iPhone

If you have lost your iPhone Connected to your Apple Watch, Apple's smart watch can help you find your smartphone. To do this, and through its control center, Press the iPhone-shaped icon surrounded by waves. So, the iPhone will make a sound that will help you locate it.

Apple Watch 4 tricks that you didn't know

Apple Watch as a bedside clock

Do you want to use your Apple Watch as table clock and alarm clock at night? For this we only need a charger with support for horizontal position and we can enjoy the Apple Watch as if it were a night watch, showing the time and battery charge at all times.

Monitor your hours of sleep

Although the Apple Watch does not offer native options to monitor our sleep, we can use third-party apps in iTunes such as AutoSleep either Sleep++, among other. This way we can collect data about our sleep through our smart watch.

iPhone camera viewfinder

If you have a tripod for your iPhone, you can use your Apple Watch as iphone remote camera viewfinder, in order to check the exact framing from a distance of your photographs taken with your smartphone.

Apple Watch 4 tricks that you didn't know

Do not disturb others at the cinema

The Apple Watch offers a considerable size screen capable of emitting a more than remarkable level of lighting, something that can cause discomfort in certain situations with little or no ambient light such as the cinema, theater or other similar public places. Luckily, the Apple Watch has the theater mode that limits light in situations that require it; or while we sleep.

Check the time without disturbing

Along with theater mode, there is another option with which to check the time without disturbing other people in places with low light; so much so, that with theater mode activated we can slowly turn the digital crown of the Apple Watch so that the screen turns on little by little with a dim light.

Expel water from the speaker

From Apple Watch Series 2, Apple smart watches are water resistant, although it is likely that after submerging the watch in water, the sound is reproduced poorly or with distortions. That's because water has remained inside the speaker; Luckily, the Apple Watch has a system to expel water from the speaker after getting wet. To do this, access the Apple Watch control center and rotate the digital crown to make the watch make a sound certain that it will expel the water from inside the speaker.

Apple Watch 4 tricks that you didn't know

Automatic unlock

The daily manual unlocking of the Apple Watch via code is quite annoying; Luckily, we can unlock the smart watch automatically with our iPhone every time we put it on our wrist. To do this, access Settings – Code and activate Unlock with iPhone. In addition, it is also possible to unlock the Apple Watch automatically every time we approach a place. compatible Mac computer.

Update via Wi-Fi

The Apple Watch performs all of its downloads and connections via Bluetooth via a nearby iPhone and one of the biggest drawbacks is that software updates are especially slow with this system. Luckily we can update the Apple Watch through Wifi bypassing the iPhone with the device connected to a known Wi-Fi network. Of course, we must do it at specific times, since the connection via Wi-Fi consumes a lot of battery and we can run out of charge before we realize it.

Check the battery of your AirPods

We can always check the battery level of our AirPods through the Apple Watch control center, a very useful tool with which we will hardly run out of charge in our headphones. To do this, access the Apple Watch control center and Click on the AirPods battery icon linked.

Check your heart rate

The Apple Watch is capable of monitor your heart rate and notify you if it detects any anomaly; And if you are at rest and your heart rate skyrockets or registers abnormal variations, the Apple Watch will notify you. To activate this very interesting option you just have to go to Settings – Heart rate and activate the option.

Apple Watch 4 tricks that you didn't know

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