How to uninstall Google Maps

The best solutions and tricks to uninstall the Google Maps app from your Android mobile easily and use Google Maps Go, a much lighter application

Let's see how to uninstall Google Maps from your mobile, the popular Google app that offers us real-time map information and can be used as a GPS and much more. But it is also a very heavy app that consumes a lot of memory and storage, so many users would prefer to get rid of it to gain more space on the mobile and make it work better. That's why it's likely that you've ever thought about eliminate Google Maps of the mobile, but you don't know how to do it. Don't miss below how to uninstall Google Maps from your Android mobile.

How to UNINSTALL and DELETE FACTORY applications on ANDROID!!

How to remove Googlr Maps from your Android mobile

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Why delete Google Maps; it's possible?

Map apps and tools come pre-installed on Android phones like the rest of the apps. Google services. And all these apps cannot be deleted, since they are part of the operating system. What can be done is disable them to prevent them from consuming resources of the system, but without ceasing to occupy the storage space they need in each case. Likewise, it is also possible block your updates, so that they do not take up more space when updating or consume data when downloading. But the function of uninstalling like any other app is not available for most of Google's pre-installed tools.

How to uninstall Google Maps

Therefore, if you have looked for the option of uninstall Google Maps from your Android mobile, you may have realized that it is impossible. It can not be done. And it's not because of something you're doing wrong or because you can't find the option. And third-party applications can be uninstalled without problem, but apps that are part of Google services or the terminal manufacturer cannot normally be removed.

But luckily, there is something you can do. Keep reading to know how to remove Google Maps and other Google apps.

How to remove Google Maps from your mobile

As we say, It is not possible to uninstall Google Maps and other Google apps natively, but it is possible to use third-party apps such as Titanium BackUp for it. Of course, it is necessary that the mobile phone has root access and various permissions, since the program needs full access to the file system of the Android operating system.

How to uninstall Google Maps

Also, if you want to use the tools of this application, you must be very careful to do not remove other apps or Android functions that could render the mobile unusable. Therefore, if you want to get rid of Google Maps, we recommend just delete Google Maps and do not touch any other app.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of uninstalling Google Maps without the need for the Android mobile to have root access, although the process is much more complicated, only recommended for advanced users. To do this it will be necessary to connect the mobile phone to the PC and install two programs, SDK Manager on the computer and Inspector App on mobile.

Next you will only have to follow the instructions shown on the screen, although as we say it is not a simple process and it can be complicated in the slightest with any mistake or misstep. Therefore, for average Android users, the most recommended thing will be disable the Google Maps app to minimize its impact on the system as much as possible and that it only occupies the unupdated base size of your application in storage memory. And if at any time we need the app, it will only be necessary enable it again and update it to have it available quickly and without having to install it again.

How to uninstall Google Maps

How to install Google Maps Go

If you finally chose the option to uninstall Google Maps but would like to continue enjoying its basic tools with minimal impact, you can choose to download and install Google Maps Go, the basic version of Google Maps that occupies 100 times less than the normal app and it also has navigation. It is an application that is designed to work perfectly on devices with limited memory capacity without affecting the speed of obtaining the location, updates on the real time traffic, directions and information about public transportation in the city, such as buses and trains. You can even search for information about millions of sites, such as their phone numbers and addresses.

How to uninstall Google Maps

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