Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide – Controls and Combat System

Learn the controls, techniques and all the secrets of combat to become the best Dragon Ball FighterZ warrior
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Basic Controls

  PS4     Xbox One
Weak Attack      square button X button
Medium Attack triangle button Y Button
Strong Attack circle button B Button
Super Rush R2 button Right trigger        
Dragon Rush     R1 button RB button
Change Character 1 L1 button LB button
Change Character 2     L2 button Left trigger
Charge Energy square button + X button X button + Button A
Disappearance     triangle button + circle button Y Button + B Button
Return     Left D-Pad + X button Left D-Pad + Button A
Sparkling     X button + square button + triangle button + circle button Button A + X button + Y Button + B Button

Combos System

Automatic Combos

In Dragon Ball FighterZ we have automatic combos if manual combos are not our strong point:

Automatic Combo 1 – PS4 square buttonx5 / Xbox One X buttonx5, this combo launches the opponent into the air and after chasing him finishes him on the ground.

Automatic Combo 2 – PS4 triangle buttonx4 / Xbox One Y Buttonx4, this combo knocks down the opponent and ends with a Level 1 Super (as long as we have at least 1 bar).

After aerial pursuits, the Weak – Medium – Strong action is also automated by pressing square buttonx3 / X buttonx3.

Super Rush

With this movement we fly towards our rival or chase him after throwing him against the wall or upwards. 

Dragon Rush

This movement punishes the opponent with a lot of blows and an aerial chase if we do it from the ground and a downward shot if we connect it with our rival in the air.


This movement allows us to disappear and surprise the opponent from behind by delivering a blow.


The best defensive technique, with this movement we not only block the rival's attack, we also send him away to get out of the pressure, it is the best way to have a break when we are cornered in the corners.


Under the life bars of our team we will see an S-shaped symbol. We can execute this movement only once per combat and it provides us with an increase in damage and constant health recovery (only the blue portion) for a limited time. 

It is important when to know how to use it since in almost all combats it can turn the tables. Another detail is that if we use it when we only have one character left, its effects last longer.