Yorgames SMS scam: how to avoid having 50 euros stolen from you

If you have received an SMS to subscribe to a gaming service called Yorgames, it is a scam to steal your money; we teach you how to avoid deception

Let's see how to avoid the new SMS scam by Yorgames, a new method to steal money from mobile users that pretends to be a mobile gaming service and that in reality only seeks to scam 50 euros. And this time it is a well-crafted scam that many users could easily fall for. Broadly speaking, the victim receives an SMS informing them that they have subscribed to a service that will cost money every week. The trick lies in the moment of trying cancel that supposed subscription when clicking a link; That will be when your data is stolen. Therefore, below we show you How to identify the so-called Yorgames scam by SMS and how to avoid fall into the trap.

Yorgames SMS Scam

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What is the Yorgames scam

This new scam is officially cataloged by the OR IF, that is, the Internet Security Office of Spain, so it's no joke. This new telephone scam It works as follows: the victim receives an SMS in the name of Yorgames, a supposed gaming platform indicating that said user has subscribed to its services via 50 euros a week; In reality, it is a fraudulent SMS that is accompanied by a link through which the user can cancel the subscription.

And it is precisely through said link that the scam occurs; so much so, that the SMS itself is capable of personalizing the message through the victim's name through social engineering techniques. All this to make the scam itself more credible and so that there is a greater chance that the user will fall for the scam.

Thus, if the victim Click on the link that accompanies the SMS to cancel the alleged subscription, she is taken to a web page where her name, telephone number and the amount in euros of the fraudulent subscription appear, in addition to the possibility of cancel said subscription through a button at the bottom.

Yorgames SMS scam: how to avoid having 50 euros stolen from you

By clicking on the button to cancel the fraudulent subscription, the user is taken to the app payment system configured on your device, whether Apple Pay either Google Play, since the scam is valid on both iOS (iPhone) and Android mobiles. The theft occurs when trying to cancel the subscription, since In reality, the payment of those 50 euros is being made fraudulently.

How to avoid the 50 euro scam

If you receive the Yorgames scam SMS, don't be alarmed; nothing bad has happened yet. For starters, you haven't subscribed to any gaming services. And to avoid any scare, you can directly delete the SMS, even without having to open it. To do this, access the SMS section, select the SMS of the scam by maintaining pressure and selecting the option Eliminate.

How to know what services I am subscribed to

Lastly, if you are curious about know what services you subscribe to, follow the following steps depending on whether your mobile is iOS (iPhone) or Android:

On iOS (iPhone)

  1. Accede to Settings of the mobile.
  2. Select the section Apple ID.
  3. Scroll down and access the section Subscriptions, where the list of active subscriptions on your iPhone will appear, as well as their expiration date and those that remain inactive.

On Android

  1. Accede to Google Play.
  2. Now select the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Follow the route Payments and subscriptions – Subscriptions.
  4. Now you will see all the active subscriptions of your mobile.
  5. Select the subscription you want to cancel if you wish.

Now you know everything you need to know about Yorgames SMS Scam, what it is, how to avoid it and how to see what subscriptions you have active on your mobile, whether iOS or Android.

Yorgames SMS scam: how to avoid having 50 euros stolen from you

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