Super Mario Odyssey Guide – All Outfits with Purple and Normal Coins

Discover all the costumes available in Super Mario Odyssey, both those purchased with purple coins and those purchased with normal coins


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Costumes with Local Coins

Super Mario Odyssey - Purple Coin Outfits

A fixed number of local coins are scattered throughout each of the Kingdoms. (these coins are exclusive to each Kingdom) the smallest ones normally have 50 purple coins and the large ones with 100 purple coins, allow you to buy some items at the Crazy Cap store in each Kingdom. Below we leave you a list with all the costumes that we can buy in each Kingdom using purple coins, also remember that in the menu above if you click on the Purple Coins link we have videos with the location of all of them. Some Power Moons require us to have a specific suit equipped.

Hat Kingdom

  • Black top hat + Black tuxedo.

Kingdom Falls

  • Caveman Headdress + Caveman Costume.

Kingdom of Sands  

  • Soltitleco Hat + Poncho.
  • Cowboy Hat + Cowboy Outfit.

Woodland Kingdom

  • Explorer Hat + Explorer Suit.
  • Scientist Visor + Scientist Suit.

Lake Kingdom

  • Diver Goggles + Swimsuit.

Lost Kingdom

  • Aviator Cap + Aviator Suit.

Urban Kingdom

  • Builder Helmet + Builder Suit.
  • Golf Cap + Golf Suit.

Riverside Kingdom

  • Tourist Hat + Tourist Suit.
  • Sailor Cap + Sailor Suit.

Ice Kingdom

  • Snow Hood + Snow Suit.

Kingdom of the Stoves

  • Chef Hat + Chef Uniform.
  • Painter's Beret + Painter's Suit.

Bowser's Kingdom

  • Samurai Helmet + Samurai Suit.
  • Happi Ribbon + Happi Suit.

Lunar Kingdom

  • Space Helmet + Space Suit.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Mario 64 Cap + Mario 64 Suit.


Suits with Normal Coins

Super Mario Odyssey - Normal Coin Suits

Apart from the outfits that we can buy with the local currencies of each Kingdom, in the Crazy Cap stores we can also get a lot of outfits that are purchased using normal coins, a few are unlocked by reaching a certain number of Power Moons, you We leave a list with all the normal coin suits and how many Power Moons we need to unlock them.

  • Seller's Cap + Seller's Suit (upon reaching the Kingdom of the Falls).
  • Captain's Cap (after completing the Kingdom of the Falls).
  • Underpants (after completing the Kingdom of Falls).
  • Fashionable Cap + Fashionable Outfit (upon reaching the Lake Kingdom).
  • Mechanic Cap + Mechanic Suit (upon reaching the Wooded Kingdom).
  • Black Fedora + Black Suit (when arriving in the Urban Kingdom).
  • Pirate Hat + Pirate Suit (upon arriving at the Riverside Kingdom).
  • Clown Hat + Clown Suit (when you reach the Kingdom of Stoves).
  • American Football Helmet + American Football Uniform (upon arrival in the Lunar Kingdom).
  • Classic Cap + Classic Suit (upon arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom).
  • Skeleton Suit (upon reaching the Mushroom Kingdom).
  • Luigi's Cap + Luigi's Suit (after getting 160 Moons).
  • Doctor's Mirror + Doctor's Suit (after getting 220 Moons).
  • Waluigi Cap + Waluigi Outfit (after getting 260 Moons).
  • Royal Crown + King's Suit (after completing the Hidden Side of the Moon).
  • Diddy Kong Cap + Diddy Kong Suit (after getting 300 Moons).
  • Wario Cap + Wario Suit (after getting 340 Moons).
  • Hakama suit (after getting 380 Moons).
  • Bowser's Top Hat + Bowser's Tailcoat (after getting 420 Moons).
  • Bridal Veil + Bridal Dress (after obtaining 460 Moons).
  • Golden Mario Cap + Golden Mario Costume (after getting 500 Moons).
  • Hat of Invisibility (after completing the Darkest Side of the Moon).
  • Metal Mario Cap + Metal Mario Suit (after collecting 540 Moons).