Super Mario Odyssey Tricks for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey Guide, with all the Kingdoms, Moons, Secret Kingdoms, Costumes, Locations and everything you need to know about this great game


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Secret Kingdoms

In Super Mario Odyssey we have 3 secret kingdoms.

Mushroom Kingdom – We unlock it after completing the main story

Hidden face – To unlock this new kingdom on the Moon, we must have completed the main story and have at least 250 Power Moons.

Most hidden face – To unlock this new kingdom on the Moon, we must have completed the main story and have at least 500 Power Moons.

Movements Tutorial

The first thing to master in Super Mario Odyssey is the control we have over the character, and thanks to Cappy on this occasion we will have more possibilities than ever, first we leave you with this Tutorial of the basic movements that you need to know such as jumps, cartwheels, tackle, roll and more tips on motion controls.



On the other hand, and once we master all of the above we can reach new levels in the gameplay of the title. In this video you can learn about the advanced tactics to make impossible jumps, such as the Roll Cancel, the Height Combo or the Distance Combo.



Moon Rocks What are they?

Moon rocks are stones that we see throughout history, thanks to them we can increase the number of Power Moons that we can get in the kingdoms, after completing the main story of the game, in each Kingdom we can activate them to unlock new Power Moons to collect.



Paintings What are they? Where are they?

The paintings are Secret Paths to other Kingdoms, we can see it blank which means that it is not activated and we will simply have to defeat the enemy of that kingdom or continue advancing in the adventure. By activating them we go to a secret place in another kingdom and we get an Energiluna, they also help us move between worlds without using the Odyssey. Something to keep in mind with Secret Paths is that the location of the tiles is the same for all players, but the kingdom they lead to can change depending on the choices made when choosing kingdoms.



Artistic Tracks

21 Power Moons We find them through artistic clues, surely we have seen some during our adventure, cartels that indicate a position in other kingdoms where we will find the precious Energiluna. We leave you a video with the location of the 21 Clues, tips to solve them by ourselves and the solutions.




The MundoGlobo update (free) includes 3 new Costumes, Festival Musician, Mario Sunshine and Gentleman and new filters for photo mode. In addition, the Balloon Finder and Balloon Hide modes are added with online functions to compete with our friends for coins. In this video you can see everything related to the update and a tutorial about MundoGlobo.




How to find Yoshi

Mario's classic companion, Yoshi, returns in this installment for Switch, to be able to find him we must have completed the main story and unlock the 1st secret kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom. The video shows Yoshi's location.



Peach Locations

Once we complete the main story, Peach goes to visit each of the kingdoms to get to know them without being Bowser's prey, every time we find her we will receive an Energy Moon, in the video we show you all the locations of our beloved princess.



Goombette Locations

Goombette is the Goomba girl that we can find in certain kingdomsTo obtain her Power Moons we have to make her fall in love with her, but to do so we need to reach her position transformed into Goomba, which on all occasions requires us to make towers of these friendly enemies so that she notices us and gives us the reward.



Jump Rope Minigame

In the Urban Kingdom we have 2 moons that are obtained in the jumping rope minigame that we can find in the area after going down the cable once we leave the Odyssey, we simply have to chain consecutive jumps to reach the marks that they ask us to obtain the moons, 30 jumps for the first and 100 for the second, we leave you a video tutorial to get them easily.



Beach Volleyball Minigame

In the Riverside Kingdom, in the background to the left of the Odyssey's position, we will find a Beach Volleyball court, here we also need to beat 2 marks to get 2 moons, the first one is given to us after returning 15 balls and the second 100, you We leave a tutorial to understand the minigame and overcome it without problems.



Artistic Tracks – Luigi 8 Bits

After the success of the game, Nintendo has been gradually adding new content, in addition to new costumes and the Globe World mode, new artistic clues have also been added to find Mario's mythical brother, Luigi with an 8-Bit appearance, find him only gives us coins, we leave you with all the locations to date.

Kingdom of Sands – Luigi 8 Bits

In the Kingdom of Sands we find Luigi under one of the small inverted pyramids, under the one in the Southeast (just where we exited when we reached the Kingdom of Sands through a painting).



Sombrero Kingdom – Luigi 8 Bits

To find Luigi in the Sombrero Kingdom we have to go to the back of the Sombrero Tower, very close to the back door that takes us to Moons 06 and 07.



Riverside Kingdom – Luigi 8 Bits

In the Riverside Kingdom we can find Luigi on one of the sandbanks where the algae attack us, near the Flag of the Sea. "Western Ocean Trench".



Urban Kingdom – Luigi 8 Bits

We will find Luigi in the pool at the top of the building where the cafeteria is, we can go behind the town hall to find a cable and go up. 



Wooded Kingdom – Luigi 8 Bits

To find Luigi in the Wooded Kingdom we have to capture a Tank and go to the rock wall that we had to break the first time we arrived in this kingdom. 



Stove Kingdom – Luigi 8 Bits

In the Kingdom of the Stoves we will find him in front of the tube that throws vegetables in the Northeast part of the map, "Remote Lava Island" where we found Moon 22.



Purple Coins Location

The purple coins They are unique to each kingdom and they help us buy the special outfit in each of the kingdoms. We leave you videos with the location of all the purple coins in each kingdom.

Kingdom Hat Purple Coins



Kingdom of the Falls Purple Coins



Kingdom of Sands Purple Coins



Woodland Kingdom Purple Coins



Purple Coin Lake Kingdom



Lost Kingdom Purple Coins



Urban Kingdom Purple Coins



Riverside Kingdom Purple Coins



Ice Kingdom Purple Coins



Kingdom of the Stoves Purple Coins



Bowser's Kingdom Purple Coins



Moon Kingdom Purple Coins



Mushroom Kingdom Purple Coins