Super Mario Odyssey Guide – Final Bosses

In this section of the Super Mario Odyssey guide we will see all the Final Bosses, where to find them, their attacks and how to defeat them


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In the Mushroom Kingdom we have the option of repeating the fights against all the Bosses except the Broodals and Bowser, but this time they will be more difficult, in each one we will indicate the changes when facing them in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Broodals

Madame Broode

Super Mario Odyssey - Madame Broode

This matron of the evil Broodals comes armed with her weight and a huge, custom Chain Chomp. Madame Broode throws her chomp chains at us that tries to bite us, we can see the direction she is going to go with an arrow on the ground, but be careful, she is quick to carry out her attack so we must be quick to dodge the attack. When his attack fails, we can throw Cappy on him twice to capture him and launch ourselves against Madame Broode. We have to distance ourselves like when we capture the normal Chomp and release the stick to hit her in the face.

Each time we do it, it leaves a circle of coins around it that we can easily collect. It also performs another attack in which it launches the Chomp into spinning chains that are easily avoided by keeping our distance and performing long jumps.


Super Mario Odyssey - Topper

The most classic Broodal, fights only with the highest hats. This Broodal attacks us by throwing his hats at us, after each blow we give him he will throw more, we simply have to dodge them or hit them with Cappy, when he does not throw the hats and he is wearing them we have to take them off by throwing our cap until he is left without a hat and can jump on top of him to hit him. Its other characteristic attack is 360º, it rotates on itself with its hats on to hit us. In red we can see the surface that the attack covers. You have to get away from it as quickly as possible. Like the Broodals we face several times, as there are new confrontations against Topper he will wear and throw more hats at us.


Super Mario Odyssey – Rank

Rango's southern style is enhanced by the blades. Killing this Broodal is very simple, he wears a southern hat with blades that he throws at us in circular movements, we simply have to throw Cappy against the hat and we turn it into a trampoline hat that allows us to fall on Rango and hit him. He also performs another attack in which he jumps inside the hat and chases us, we can easily avoid it by making long jumps (ZL + Y) the important thing is not to stand still against this attack. As we face him, this attack will be faster and it will cost us more to get rid of him. 


Super Mario Odyssey - Hariet

Happily pepper the battlefield with explosives. The female Broodals throws bombs at us to kill us, the good thing is that we can return them with Cappy so that they explode on her and thus stun her to be able to hit her, she attacks with her ponytail, lengthening it and trying to hit us with a bomb at the end.

The safest tactic is to stay at a medium distance and try to return its bombs to jump on it, when we do it it gets into its hat and begins to move quickly dropping bombs, be careful that when they explode they leave fire on the ground for a while and we can step on it Unintentionally, when she makes this attack we can also return her bombs before they explode and apart from cutting off her attack, hit her, after doing it 3 times we will finish her off.


Super Mario Odyssey - Spewart

The most ordinary of Broodals do not hesitate to vomit poisonous sludge in self-defense. This Broodal spins on itself vomiting blue poison, we can clean it with Cappy to reach Spewart to jump on it and hit it, but we have to do it quickly or before we get there it will attack again.

After hitting him, he gets under his hat and begins to chase us, leaving poison in his wake. Stay far away and if we throw Cappy at him we will make him change direction. At the end of this attack he always goes to the center so we can anticipate and take advantage of it to hit him first. that it begins to spin and spew poison. 


Super Mario Odyssey - Robonejo

The united Broodals pilot this gigantic robot, shooting bombs at us and trying to step on us, chasing us. During the combat, Little Picaritos will appear that we can capture to return the bombs. We must aim at his legs until we remove all the protections and manage to throw him to the ground. Be careful not to hit us. fall on top. Once on the ground we can climb its structure and destroy the Broodals' cabins. We will have to shoot at it 4 times in total to finish it off.

He becomes more aggressive as the fight progresses, chasing us faster, firing more bombs and throwing spinning snakes that we can destroy by pecking or throwing Cappy.


Super Mario Odyssey - Katunda

An ancient and surprisingly expressive force that attacks with enormous stone fists. To fight this boss we have to go to the hole under the inverted pyramid in the Kingdom of Sands, when we reach the end Katunda will enter the scene. It is a head with 2 hands with which it hits the ground and makes blocks of ice fall on the combat area, we have to make it hit an area where there is ice to stun it and be able to capture its hand, once this is done we have to fly with your fist until it hits his face, but be careful with the ice balls that he throws at us with his free hand, you have to make a semicircle to reach it.

We will have to repeat this process 3 times to defeat him. He also has other attacks such as a charge where he throws both fists at us. It is best to run perpendicular and perform a long jump to avoid them. It also performs another attack in which it tries to crush us with both hands. We can avoid it with a deadly somersault or by running and performing the long jump.


Super Mario Odyssey - Roboflor

This strange organism floats as if it were a flying saucer from another world and covets the most beautiful flowers the kingdoms can offer. Upon reaching this boss we have to capture the Chive to stretch out and hit Roboflor in its core, after doing so the combat against this strange gardening contraption will begin. 3 large gray cubes will appear that we have to destroy with the Chive while we dodge the laser beam attacks. After destroying the 3 cubes Roboflor will turn around and we can hit it in the core, now it will make a new attack, energy rings that expand and have different heights, we have to calculate well the moment to stretch with the Chive to go over it , when we avoid the rings Roboflor will take out the cubes again and attack us with the laser, we repeat the process until we finish him off.

When facing this enemy in the Mushroom Kingdom we have to go to the tower in the Goomba forest, the combat is very similar to that of the Secret Garden of the Woodland Kingdom but when it generates the rings it is much more complicated.


Super Mario Odyssey - Metaruga

Bowser's electric pet loose in the stormy Urban Kingdom will soon cause problems for the power grid. Don't miss a second when the battle begins, capture one of the tanks in the area and shoot at Metaruga's glowing orbs to turn them off, and leave him stunned, be careful with his continuous shots that we will have to dodge, when we hit them all Its orbs will turn purple, at this moment you have to shoot it without rest until you turn them off and damage it.

After doing so, he will turn into golden pain. In this state he is invincible and attacks us with attacks through a portal he creates. We can see the direction of the attack along the golden line in the combat zone. We simply avoid it by getting out of his way.

Brigadier Mollosque-Lanceur III

Super Mario Odyssey - Brigadier Mollosque

The pompous, self-proclaimed king of the River Kingdom is blocking local access to their precious water sources. At the beginning of the fight, Mollosque is covered in lava, we must cool him down with the water jets of a Pulpichorro, although he will not stop moving and can tell us a little, we simply have to get the right height and pass over his head to spray him with water, meanwhile He attacks us by throwing spiked shells at us, once we manage to remove the lava from his head we can hit him, but now he throws projectiles at us that half follow us and explode when they hit something, so be careful and he moves away from us so we can get there up to him, we can hit him both with the water from the pulpichorro and by standing on his head and become Mario again to perform a bomb jump on his head


Super Mario Odyssey - Chefarraco

This enormous bird flutters lazily over the Kingdom of Stoves, keeping a watchful eye for any appetizing piece of salty meat. This bird flies around the area and attacks us by throwing balls of spikes on the pot in the Kingdom of the Stoves. After flying for a while it will begin to release a liquid from its mouth through which we can climb into a Drop of Lava until we reach its side to jump on his head. After hitting him, he begins to throw vegetables and all his attacks are faster. For the last hit, the liquid through which we climb in a drop of lava is intermittent, so we will have to calculate the jumps well to reach him and end the combat.


Super Mario Odyssey - Dracustio

The fallen lord of lightning rules with remorse over the gloomy, crumbling land of Vetustia. This enormous Dragon launches lightning bolts that turn into rotating attacks. Be careful with its trajectory and by observing it we can dodge it. As the battle progresses, it will launch more rings against us. It also performs an attack by hitting the ground with its head and sends electric waves through us. the ground that we will have to avoid by jumping for a while, when he stops performing this attack he will stay in that position for a while which will allow us to reach the top of his head and remove the swords using Cappy, when they are all out we can perform a bomb jump on him to hit him, but be careful if we don't hurry to remove the swords he will perform a volley and repeat the previous attacks, after each blow apart from the rings he will launch more waves when hitting the ground and he will have more swords holding the crown of his head, after managing to hit him 3 times we will end the fight. 


Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser

The one and only, the king of the Koopa, eternal villain and constant scourge of Peach, Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser's top hat is equipped with boxing gloves to attack Mario, the moment he throws it at us we must be quick and capture it with Cappy, now we have to get to Bowser to hit him with the Fists of the Hat, while he jumps creating rings of fire and throwing objects at us non-stop, when we get to him we have to hit him until he stops covering himself and can damage him, every time we hit him he will throw shadow hats at us along with the normal one, having to be more precise when dodging, and after break his guard when we hit him with the cuffs of his hat, he performs spinning attacks with his tail before we can hit him that we will have to quickly dodge to hit him (he performs this attack up to 3 times, so be careful). When he throws his dark hats at us we can get some hearts if we throw Cappy at them so if you need it don't hesitate to do it.