How to clean the mobile speaker

Learn how to clean your smartphone speakers after exposing them to water or dust: quick and easy

Let's see how to clean the mobile speaker if you have exposed them to water or dust. And it is that the smartphones They are exposed to all kinds of inclemencies due to their very condition as mobile phones and dirt is something that usually affects all of them. terminals sooner or later. Even if your mobile has IP certificate with resistance to water and dust, that does not mean that at some point or another it accumulates dirt in any of its holes, especially in the speakers, even water leaking inside in the worst case. In this case, it can sometimes cause a malfunction of these components, making are heard poorly or at a very low volume even at maximum volume. Therefore, below we offer you a complete guide on how to clean mobile speakers easily and quickly.

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How to clean your mobile speakers

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You can use different methods to clean your mobile speakers, although the most common is do it by hand. Of course, it is important to follow certain measures to avoid damaging the terminal components when cleaning it. And the first and most important requirement is turn it off as a precaution, in addition to remove the cover in the case of having one, in order to have good access to all the holes and clean them as best as possible without any type of obstacle and with total comfort.

How to clean speakers by hand

If you want to try cleaning your mobile speakers by hand, you must follow a series of tips and precautions. For a start, do not use the typical ear hygiene sticks, since the ends are too wide despite appearing soft due to the cotton itself, since with excess pressure you could damage the mesh of the speakers themselves; and that's not what we want.

How to clean the mobile speaker

Instead, use a soft hardness brush to easily access the different holes of the mobile phone, without pressing too much; Using different strokes of the hairs of the brush you can extract the accumulated dirt or dust. Be patient.

Another solution is to resort to some type of adhesive putty; The application method is very simple, since you will only have to stick different pieces of putty in the different holes of the mobile, without applying much pressure, since otherwise you could damage the speaker or parts of it will remain stuck inside. After applying the adhesive pieces, remove them slowly to extract dust.

How to clean the mobile speaker

A final manual cleaning method for mobile speakers involves the use of a compressed air spray. In this case you will have to be patient and, of course, some aim. Apply small doses of compressed air inside the speakers from a safe distance so as not to exert too much pressure on the terminal components; little by little you will see how it goes removing dirt, dust or water that can remain inside the speakers.

How to clean speakers with applications

On the other hand, if you prefer a slightly more technological method you can always count on the help of specially dedicated apps to cleaning the mobile speakers; yes, just as you read it. And there are a good number of applications specially designed to clean smartphone speakers thanks to the emission of various frequencies whose vibration causes dust or dirt particles or water droplets to fly off the speaker meshes.

How to clean the mobile speaker

So, if you have a iPhone (iOS) we recommend the app Sonic; On the contrary, if you have a terminal Android, one of the best options is the application Expel the water. Both work in the same way, emitting a very specific frequency that causes the speakers to expel dirt or water by vibration. Even so, there are many other similar apps, so you will surely find your ideal app to clean your mobile speakers; In any case, it is advisable to carry out this type of cleaning, at least, twice a year, since the holes in mobile phones accumulate large amounts of dirt with regular use.

How to clean the mobile speaker

Lastly, there are also websites that do the same function, although online and without the need to install any application; among the best known is

How to clean the mobile speaker

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