DAZN Spain offer: how to activate your free account on Movistar

Are you a Movistar customer and want to watch DAZN for free? Learn how to activate your account

Next we will explain how to activate your free DAZN account for clients of Movistar, a promotion for users who have contracted a sports content package. And if you are already a customer of Movistar+ You can now enjoy DAZN channels on your television, although you can also activate a free account in the service itself. Let's see what type of Movistar customers can activate DAZN free and steps to activate it as a Movistar customer.

How to activate DAZN for free on Movistar

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Which Movistar users can have DAZN for free

If you are a user of Movistar+, Movistar's television platform, you can access the different DAZN channels with the streaming service itself, either through the decoder or the Movistar app; The channels are the following:

  • DAZN F1 | Dial 58
  • DAZN 1 | Dial 59
  • DAZN 2 | dial 60
  • DAZN 3 | Dial 183
  • DAZN 4 | Dial 184

Beyond access to the different DAZN channels on Movistar you can get a free DAZN account to have access to exclusive content such as reports, sports programs, live or on-demand summaries and much more. But to do this you will need to meet certain requirements.

Thus, those Movistar+ users who have contracted the package Fusion Total Plus or other packages like Premium Fusion, Premium Extra either Total Premium, in addition to other television packages with DAZN included such as Sports Selection, Engine, Premium, Premium Extra, Total Premium, Sports either Sports Total, they will be able to access a free DAZN account.

Remember that a Movistar user with DAZN included can connect up to five different devices such as Smart TV, mobile phones, tablets, computers or consoles; With the extra DAZN account that can be activated, you can watch DAZN on two devices at the same time, in addition to the Movistar decoder and on Movistar+ for mobile. Let's see how to activate a free DAZN account step by step.

DAZN Spain offer: how to activate your free account on Movistar

How to activate your DAZN account for free

Follow the steps below to activate your free DAZN account:

  1. The first step is to access the area I'm Customer from Movistar or in the app My Movistar.
  2. Here you can access the direct link of DAZN activation, also available through the following link.
  3. On this page click on the button Continue.
  4. You will be taken to a page where you can log in with your Movistar access data: ID and password.
  5. Click on the green button Get in.
  6. You will enter a page where you are informed that you already have your DAZN channels, although you can also activate your DAZN account for free; To do this, click on the green button Activate DAZN account and follow the steps to register.
  7. If you do the process from the app My Movistar access the customer area and enter the list of included products; here click on DAZN to activate your free account.
  8. If you do the process from the Movistar+ decoder you will see an advertisement on the main page with Activate your DAZN account; click on it. Once inside capture the QR code with your cell phone camera or an app to read QR codes.

And that's it, depending on the type of user you are and the process you have followed, this is how you can activate your free DAZN account to enjoy your favorite sports content wherever you want, as well as exclusive content.

DAZN Spain offer: how to activate your free account on Movistar

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